I have a general and an OL strength program in excel form that may be useful for novice/intermediate athletes wanting something tangible to work from. If you are interested please PM me with your e-mail address.

Can you post it here? :slight_smile:

I PMed you

Do you know how to convert it to .pdf or a word/works document?

can u post it?

i PM’d u 2… :wink:

i got your email but there was no attachment for the programs?

I also recived your email with no attachments.

Thank you David i recived the excel files.

Thanks again. :smiley:

I have received almost 50 requests, I hope I haven’t missed anyone. Some of you have not included your e-mail address so will not have received copies.

Remember this is a generic program to develop general organism strength. It will therefore need manipulating to meet your own specific needs.