Programs for strength without bulk

I am interested in increasing my bodyweight to strength ratio could someone provide a link or a program that is best for gaining the most strenght without adding extra weight. I did some search and people were talking about the sheiko routine anyone have links to his methods/program or any others would be helpful

Do 3-5 reps of your 1RM for a total of 4-5 sets to start out with. NO matter what strength training program you do you will always gain a little bulk but I believe this will gain you the least amount of bulk and the most amount of strength (given that you are a beginner/intermediate, for advanced athletes I would recommend 1-5 reps of your 1RM). This suggestion does not contain any advanced methods which are mentioned in other threads but those methods should only be utlized when one is in stagnation or the proper phase of training.

You will not gain weight if you do not provide enough fuel for the body to build with.

Whats the best way to cycle the intensity/volumn to avoid overtraining.

train to increase motor unit recruitment, intra and intermuscular coordination. good luck

3-1. 3 weeks of heavy lifting 80-100% with the fourth week of lighter lifting 75-85% with the same volume or lower the volume and keep the same percentage. There are so many different ways for a regeneration week to work you kinda have to experiment to see what’s best for you.

I like doing 90-95% for 4 sets/per-exercise for the first 3 weeks with a fourth week encompassing doing one fewer set and at a lower intensity percentage such as 75-85%.

surely in order not to bulk then simple control you calories… to a touch over maintenence…

hes talking about additional muscle mass not fat(i think). he wants a way to gain strenght/ power while not adding additional weight or muscle mass. this can be accomplished by increasing motor unit recruitment, fiber recruitment preference, and inter and intra muscular coordination. these are the factors which can effect strenght to mass raito besides the obvious “lose fat.” l