Program patience...

Question directed at Charlie Francis in particular and to anyone else who cares to answer.

As one progresses and advancement becomes less and less how do you know if you’re really progressing on the sprinting front? To help clarify, weights sessions are inproving as you can quantify the results easily BUT the sprinting is not so easily quantified. We’re talking about the improvement of hundreths of a second over a 10 second race over a period of a year! Charlie talks about seeing improvement on the sprinting front first (which I agree with) but so little improvement (say 1 or 2 hundreths within 30m) actually happens over the course of a couple of months (period I - acceleration). I guess the bottom line is how did you really know if your program was working? OR did you just have to have a lot of faith that you were doing ‘the right’ kind of training???


That’s a good question, especially considering that performance is naturally going to fluctate between workouts.

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