Program for Max Strength and Explosiveness

I put this program together during my 8:00AM college class this morning and thought it was pretty good and now i’d like to get you guys thoughts on it. Anyways it’s 3total body lifting days…M,W,F. Each day will have 2 Upper and Lower lifts.On T,TR,S i will be doing GPP,EIT,ICT conditioning workouts.

(A)Back Squat-Heavy Triple…3RM 2nd week
(B)Ballistic Bench Press-3setsx8reps…20-30%
(D)Chin Ups-3setsx5reps

(A)Dynamic Box Squats-6setsx2reps…55-65%
(B)Dynamic Bench Press-6setsx3reps…50-60%
©Split Squats-2/3setsx5reps
(D)Seated Row-3setsx12reps

(A)Bench Press-Heavy Triple…3RM 2nd week
(B)Jump Squats-3setsx5reps…15-25%
©Pull Throughs-2setsx12reps
(D)Pull Ups-3setsx8reps

So there it is. My goal with this program is to increase my maximal strength and explosiveness. I also wanted a workout that i could complete in 40-45minutes, i hate being in the gym more then an hour, plus a shorter lifting session i felt would go along better with 3 conditioning workouts. The ME lifts will change every two weeks, with the first week being a heavy triple and then hitting a 3RM hopefully in week two. For the explosive work i will wave the percentages up for 3weeks, and then start over with week 1’s percentage. I will keep the Dynamic Bench and BS for two three week cycles. The Ballistic Bench and Jump Squat will be only a three week cycle and then i will replace them with Plyometric Pushups and Box Jumps respectivly. I’d appreciate any feedback/suggestions…thanks guys!

(GPP,EIT,ICT)?? ur program looks good but i probably wouldnt do 8reps for the ballistic bp on mon, i may drop the spilt squat for something like rdl or rev hypers. i think i would use the jsq etc lil more then 3 weeks. also r u using bands if so i probably would bump the bp down to about 40-45% and bsq down 40-55% depending on the athlete.

EIT=Enhanced Interval Training…ICT=Integrated Circuit Training…i got the workouts from Ross Enamait. I was planning on using chains for the first 3weeks and then switch over to bands for the second 3weeks. How many reps would you suggest for the ballistic bp?

anywhere from 1-5…

Awesome. With lower reps would you still suggest to stay with just 3sets?

i probably would increase the sets a lil.

Why not treat the pull-ups (regarding loading/sets/reps) the same as your bench press? Why sets of 8?

That is a great suggestion. For wrestlers, the back needs to be very strong compared to other sports where it plays more of a stabilizer role.

what would you suggest sets of 3-5reps with extra resistance?

1-5 reps works. You can use a broad pyramid if you want complete development (relatively).

1: 3-5 x 85%
2: 6-8 x 75%
3: 6-8 x 75%
4: 3-5 x 85%

Go up 2-3% intensity/training session (eg 85%, 87-88% 2nd, 89-91% 3rd, etc.). That’ll put some hair on your balls :smiley:

Do you see any difference in the approach to weights for a more endurance based sport such a wrestling? Would you consider more reps or would you go with more exercises overall?

I prefer the general model in the approach. True speed work is best developed on the track, and true endurance is best developed on the mat. The weight room is not a substitute for development, just additional means to help complete it. And as with track, you can’t develop great speed-endurance until you have great speed (in a massive over-simplification here). If an athlete can’t perform pull-ups well (especially a wrestler), than the odds of said athlete performing well in a sport that demands a multitude of physical tasks timed perfectly in competition are somewhere between slim and none. To summarize my point, endurance performance in wrestling is dependent on complete development of strength and endurance qualities, otherwise the sport would be dominated by the cross-country team. Or worse yet, the chess team.

The periodization model used in strength programming should be complimentary to the sport model (which I typically accept as a given but in application it seems like coaches are sometimes always trying to play catch up with their lack of planning/preparation). I don’t mean that qualities such as strength-endurance of the upper back, grip strength, etc., shouldn’t be developed in strength work. I just think that the strength/endurance program should not be made up of random exercises and set/rep schemes that the individual (a wrestler in this case, or even the coach in decision-making) believes will help him/her right now. Athletes typically believe that the best program is the one they’re not on.

I agree with you.

If your’e trying to mimick Westside Barbell, you should know that it is highly contradicting to use complex loading (multiple training emphasis such as speed and strength) on the same day. It doesn’t stimulate sufficient compensatory adaptation of the body’s energy reserves. You might think about switching to a ME day, a DE day, and RE day.


What exactly do you mean by “It does stimulate sufficient compensatory adaptation of the body’s energy reserves.” Would this be true even if the lifter is doing ME lower body and DE upper body on the same day? I have always thought that separating ME from DE was directed more toward CNS/PNS response and adaptation. If that is what you’re talking about, wouldn’t the adaptation be within the PNS, and therefore localized to the region of the body? If so, couldn’t a lifter work strength on upper body the same day he worked speed on lower body?

You are correct star61 about seperating the days to get the most from the CNS/PNS response to adaption. Since the CNS sends the signals to the body (muscles) via the PNS, both systems are risk factors for fatigue. The WSB system is founded upon using the ME, DE, and RE methods as a means to perfect form and build weaknesses. The development of maximal strength and the use of special exercises to build these individual weaknesses are interconnected. There is very little glute, hamstring, lower back, upper back, and tricep work to raise maximal lower body and upper body strength. If a person were to chose to program and organise his/her training using the complex loading means, then I would suggest that he/she split the training sessions into different primary emphasis for each workout (am and pm) and be cognizant of the management of the athlete’s current state of homeostasis for each workout. Remember that for relatively young athletes almost any means of training will ellicit marked results in performance, but as the athlete’s trainability progresses the room for error decreases.

Taking this into consideration, how would you layout a three day per week workout program (that’s all the time she has)? I would like to hit the posterior chain once with a ME day and again with a DE day. How could we work in some upper body…just do it all on the third day?

Here’s an example:

Day 1 (ME Lower)

ME Lower Exercise
Special Exercise
Posterior Chain
Posterior Chain
Wtd Abs
(go as heavy as possible on supplemental lifts to stimulate adaptive reconstruction)

Day 2 (ME Upper)

ME Upper Excercise
Special Exercise
Lats (pulls)/Rear Delt/Upper Back
(go as heavy as possible on supplemental lifts to stimulate adaptive reconstruction)

Day 3 (DE/RE Combo)

DE Upper Exercise
DE Lower Exercise
Posterior Chain
Posterior Chain
Lats (pulls)/Rear Delt/Upper Back

You could still perform your jump squat and ballistic benches, just on DE day. These exercises would serve as a great neuromuscular activation warm-up exercises being that they contain low loading volume and intensity.

Your maximal strength is only as strong as your limiting factor. Find your limiting factor and increase the GPP of that muscle group(s).

ME work should consist of training to the maximum allowable for the given day. Working up to a heavy single, double, or triple on ME days may not stimulate the current adaptive reserves (CAR) enough to supercompensate for increased performance. You need to push the envelop and try and set PRs when you can on the ME days that training is going well.

Thanks bz, that is very, very, close to what we’ve been doing for several months. Wasn’t sure if doing upper and lower DE on the same day was a problem…it’s always seemed to work for us.

what do you think about doing heavy power cleans on the DE days?