problem with my technique

me and my coach noticed after my leg hits the ground its reeeeeeallly far back and takes a little longer to hit the ground than everyone else he told me if i could shorten the motion i’d probrably go faster. i’ve been looking at film of myself and some top college and professional runners and notice they dont do this if anyone knows what i can do to fix it or if i’m doing something right please tell me also if you cant get the picture i’ll draw you one.

wiat maybe i should just bring my ankle over my knee instead of bringing it to my butt then going down.

heres my 2 pics that i made

and heres what i observed from mo at the olympics

Yes. It appears what you have is reffered to as “Backside Mechanics” whereas the motion should be Frontside. As you said focus on good posture, gettting your hips higher, and stepping over the knee with the ankle as you said.

so how can i fix it?will it make any drmatic improvements on my speed?

any input charlie or anyone else?

Your hips are probably too low because your knee deflection (bend) is too much.

Yes, stepping over the knee will improve you but do not be too dis heartened if the gains are not immediate practice the move. Repitition is needed, so you need to move from conscious incompetence to conscious competence to unconscious competence if you catch my drift.

it cant hurt my speed can it?and are there any drills that can make it better?cause everybody says i run funny cause my legs stay back so long and they go back far

is it possible that core strength could be an issue here? :confused:

tuck your foot a bit. And try drills like running behind your body and then switching to running infront of your body and vise versa to notice the difference between both.

but when i’m doing drills it doesn’t happen only when i race

this one i dont understand

You’d have to be more specific, but yes core strength could be an issue. I only say this because it seems like all the trainers/coaches in America now have the excuse that athletes suck because they have weak cores. Try not to paralyze yourself with analysis and make sure that you’re emphasizing the proper elements. Often, you’ll focus on one aspect and mess up another. Messing with your stride a lot can be a double-edged sword.