Precompetition Setup...

My special prep phase has just ended… My final week had looked like this… (tues and thurs is extensive tempo 1800m)

Monday-Sp.End II
1X350 1X300 1X250 FULL RECOVERY

4x30 (Blocks)
4x60 3 point

Friday- Max Velocity
4-6 Flying 30’s

Now going into my Precomp i need ot add special End I so i am considering…

4x150 OR 250 200 150
(which is a better way to do spe.1 and is there a better way?)

Wednesday-Accel/Mx Velocity
4x30 (blocks)
4x30 (flying)
1x60 (falling or 3 point)

Friday-Spe. End II
1x350 1x300
(or should i keep it how i was doing it the past few weeks w/3 reps? i thought since i was adding spe.1 on mondays that my total volume was higher and 2 reps instead of what i was doing before should be sufficent. What do you guys think?)

Looks great :slight_smile:

Mine is very similar to yours though you SE days are longer than mine.

Do you take Sat and Sunday off or do tempo on those days? Might want to move Accel/Max speed to Monday. Can you describe your strength training as well? I try to perform my most CNS intensive elements at the beginning of the week and then move to the most muscular intensive near the end of the micro.

Here is my pre-comp for comparison: Day 1 is Monday

1 - Max speed/weights
2 - Rest/Recovery
3 - Accel/weights
4 - Rest/Recovery
5 - Strength/Speed Endurance
6 - Core/Anc weights
7 - Rest/Recovery

On Strength endurance days I perform 6 x 120 at 95% and 3 x 40 running A’s and 3 x 30 running A’s. light plyos, lower body weights and depletion upper body work.

In order to get 3 quality sessions in I had to cut my plyos back a bit as my volume of speedwork went up. I couldnt recover fast enough hehe.


thanx for the reply. yes i take off saturday and sunday.
My SE days are longer because i run up to 400 meters. My specialty is 200 meters.The reason why i like ot put my short speed work mid week is because on Mondays sometimes since i rest on the weekend or competed i feel a bit slow. So i do them mid week when my system is stimulated and it allows my system to stay stimulated for competition.

Since you asked heres my basic weight program as far as lifts go.


Monday-Oly.Lift (Snatch or Clean)
1 legged Hypers w/25 lbs. Plate 4x12 each leg.

Tuesday-Bench Press
Incline Bench Press
Tricep Pushdown/Extensions

Thusday-Pullups 4x12
DB Rows or Seated rows
Lat. Pulldowns (wide or close grip)
Bicep Curls (cable, preacher, concentration or DB)
Double leg Hypers w/25 lbs. Plate 4x15

Shoulder Press (seated with bar)
Side Raises
Front Raises


Monday-Olympic Lift (Snatch or Clean)
1 legged Hypers w/25 lbs. Plate 4x12 each leg

Tuesday-Bench Press
Incline Bench?
Shoulder Press (seated w/bar)
Side Raises
Front Raises

Wednesday-Pullups 4x12
DB or Seated Rows
Lat. Pulldowns (close or wide grip)
Bicep Curls (cable, preacher, concentration or DB)
Hypers Double leg w/25 lbs. Plate

Anyone else care to comment on my original post?

Thats a good point about needing the first day back to get stimulated. I find I need a longer warmup on Mondays and a few more accels to get fired up.

I think your workouts look good. Do you perform your tempo after your upper body weights?

Good job,

i hear ya about the longer warmup and more accels on mondays before the workout.
I lift after my track work even on tempo days when i do upper body. After lifting i can barely move nevermind run. And i am a college athlete so one has to be right after the other. I go straight form the track to the gym.