Precomp Warmup

I wanted to start some discussion with the members, on opinions on precompetition warmups. Both morning of an event and day before events with the idea of “waking up” the neuromusclar system for competition. What has worked with the most success or if you do not believe this is vital for optimal performance

My athltetes do almost an identical warm-up for competitions as for practices. We train early morning sometimes, and late evening others. From what I have gathered, it takes 4 hours for the CNS to become fully “awake” however Tyrosine and caffeine can help with this. One Olympian I talked with said he took 400mg of Caff and some L-Tyrosine before a race and that got him in perfect race condition.

In Speed Trap, Charlie writes about Ben sitting in the warm-up field not doing anything. When Charlie asked Ben if he was going to warm up, Ben replied that he was already warm.

I have heard of athletes getting thrown into cold showers to wake up the CNS (that is just mean in my opinion).

the main objective in the warm-up is to prepare the system for the task ahead and every person will learn when they are ready or conditions can increase or decrease warm-up periods but the intake of fluids isa must and prefourably a visit to the loo.its a 5-/50 situation by the means of–you warm up too long leading to tiredness,you warm up too little you risk a crap perfomance and injury.the athlete through practice and knowing him/herself will be able to feel when they are ready.

btw christie had to do that cold shower thing during the first round in barcelona due to the heat times.if it has to be done it has to be done.better than not being ready