Pre Season plan

Friday-Speed Endurance/Weights

how does that look?and what do i need to change?

What are your individual workouts comprised of?

What part of the macro? (GPP/SPP/Precomp/Comp)

I would move the plyos into your CNS (speed) days and adjust total volume accordingly.

Leave the tempo days for recovery and low intensity core work.

It is a good start with recovery days between CNS intensive days but the plyos definitely should be moved if they are intense.


Layout looks ok. what kind of speed endurance?

I’m making the workout right now since i’m only a hs athlete and learning this as i go and this would be gpp i believe outdoors start in february but i want to run atleast 2 indoor races this year if you want to help with the workout i’d like all the help i can get cause i WILL get low eleven high ten this year.

If it helps anyone who wants to help me make workouts for the days that end with a Y heres some stuff about me


Never Seriously trained for track before Prs in sig I think my weaknesses are my Start, Top Speed, Speed Endurance and Technique

The utmost element when planning is knowing competition dates whithin the
training period.
The objective of any training plan is to achieve top form and peak
performance at a certain date. If you don’t do it this way you will be
working with no purpose.

This is indeed true for the highest levels, but there are different levels of aspiration and, for a beginner, the goal is improvement anywhere possible. Once an athlete reaches the level where it is possible to score at, at least, the provincial level, then normal planning, as you suggest, begins.

It looks like you have some significant CNS stress M through F. Putting the plyos on your tempo days is unusual. Do you have a specific reason for doing this?

Generally, it is preferred to keep your tempo days as low CNS stress to give your nervous system the time to recover so that you can go full-out on the sprint days. However, depending on your level, you may be able to get away with this.

At a best of 11.62, Intensity is a relative term. The spread of componants will become more important as performance in the individual componants goes up. In this case, perhaps half-way through the SPP, though, for the top athletes, the separation should be more pronounced . I cover this in the GPP DVD.

That is a very interesting point!

Charlie when do you think the performance level necessitates a switch from the workout posted above to one where plyos are moved to CNS days and recovery is strictly recovery? Sub 11? Sub 10.5 sub 10.3 etc?


That depends on both the time AND the strength of the individual’s CNS (and Talent). A less developed guy with more potential can adjust later than someone who is closer to their potential when running the same time. I’d judge this on a case by case basis, BUT, I’d do it from the other direction- in other words do High Intensity work EOD unless otherwise indicated.
Certainly, though, anyone running 10.5 or better should on an EOD HI schedule.

That’s great thanks again,


Ok, and what do you think are your strong points ?
So, why do you wanna be a sprinter ?

Strong points?uhhh I’d guess my determination and i want to be a sprinter cause i like sprinting fast cause opver those 11.62 seconds noone can say anything to disturb me

I think you have low 11’s with proper training easily. 11.62 electric is quite good for someone with no real background in track.

What is your age? If you are 16-17 years old those times definitely show potential.


Make sure ur coach knows what hes doing… I had similar PRs at 14 years of age but I could also jump 20 feet in the LJ as a sophomore. Once my coach got a hold of me and made me run tons of distance and submax sprints, I was done. Dont be afraid to get help from people who know. You should be able to hit 11 flat or better and at least 22 feet LJ as a senior if you devote your time…

Sixteen and 5 months

I took it a step further i have a great coach but last year was his first year coaching track so he made it a point to learn all he could i lent him seagraves tapes and he bout cf stuff and is looking on the internet about coaching and stuff so i’m not to worried about that.

same here mate! i guess some people HAVE indeed the power to slow you down! don’t know how they manage that and they shouldn’t be around training other youngsters, but they do manage it and they are still around!
anyways, it’s out of me now…