Pre Race Potentiation

I know about certain supplements that you can use for this, but I am more concerned with the warm-up and it’s possibilities to elicit a higher response. Kelly Baggett wrote on the subject here:


You could try it but don’t tire yourself out doing the warmup stuff…sure hope it works if this is the first time you’re trying it :slight_smile: If using a weight vest or sled, I would err on the side of less weight rather than too much weight.

The potentiation I recommend is a CD or mp3 player.

what about hang cleans

Could do but don’t come to rely on something you might not have at every venue. Trust me on this one!

i read somewhere that mj used to listen to “me against the world” by tupac before he raced.

I’m waiting to hear two things here …

[i]- What about masturbation pre-race

  • What about bench pressing … I heard about this one sprinter who before an olympic final once …[/i]