Pre-Race: How do you motivate yourself?

In the past two years, I’ve never had a problem getting up for a race on the day of a meet. I was always excited/nervous and ready to run. I was pumped. This year, in the 4 meets we’ve ran, almost every time I feel like crap before a race and almost to the point where I dont want to run it. I’m not quite sure what this could be, maybe a precursor to overtraining, or an indication of me doing too much work prior to a meet, but I also think it might have something to do with my diet on the day of a meet as well as my mental state.

What do you guys do to motivate yourself before races, what do you eat on the day of a meet, and how do you prepare yourself mentally for your event?

I always am very nervous before every race. I’ve only run 3 competitions at most for every year so I don’t have the experience to be more calm. I sometimes feel like you with not feeling 100% but that’s probably just the adrenaline, I can’t help it, I easily get nervous for those type of things. There’s nothing you can really do in my opinion to stop this, just warm up, stretch and have a little rest before the race and you’ll be fine.

I dont like to talk or have anyone talk to me. i put the headphones on hood over my head and i go into another world till my race. If im not in the zone by the time my race comes i slap myself in the face… if not by then theres no chance