Pre Comp Phase Questions

Hi was looking for input related to others experience in regards to pre comp phase for 200/400m runners.

ie number of races you would have over each distance during this time being primarily a 200m runner. eg more 200m than 400m

current program is heading into week 3 of 8 pre comp before doing consoildation work over xmas before main comp phase in late Jan / Feb

And what type of gym work do you feels works best durin this phase
typical week being

Mon am light weights
pm speed

Tues - Ext Tempo

Wed - Depletion Sets
300 - 3 x 50m roll starts
200 - 3 x 40m
100 - 3 x 30m

      or 4 x 200m [5] @ 400m race pace.

Thurs - Weights

Fri - rest

Sat - Comp

currently within .20 of 200m pb and .51 of 400m pb

I have the same question. I am going from SPP to pre-comp and am not sure exactly how to approach it.

Here is my SPP:

1 - Max speed/plyos/weights
2 - core/tempo
3 - Rest/Recovery
4 - Accel/plyos/weights
5 - Tempo/Recovery
6 - Circuit/Strength Endurance
7 - Rest/Recovery


further to this matter how long into this phase should the lactic tolerance work be continued for without being detrimental to peformance

I am interested in the same thing. Any suggestions?

Nanny - You are talking about “lactic tolerance work” - do you refer to the 4 x 200m at race pace? For a 200/400 athlete, I would definitely include Special Endurance work. Towards the end of this phase, you will have to start with Speed Endurance as well.

According to my standards, the volume per week now, is not enough to handle 400m’s in the competition season. Remember - you have to form a base NOW to be ready for the whole of the Australian season, as well as the international season.

Good luck!