Ran a 35.12 HT 300m yesteday In Practice. I got a friend to pace me for the first 100m so I can get pushed a little. My 200m split was 22.45! both PB’s for me.

Last week I ran 35.66 300m and had a 22.66 split.

My goal is to get like a 21.something for the 200m split and anywhere In the 34:D

Good Job! Keep it moving and make sure you take those baby steps that will bridge the gap between 35.12 and running in the 34’s. The best 300s that I ever ran were 5x300 in 36 low and high. Well worth it and it went a long way during the season.


I ran a 34.92 today In practice (HT) and had a 21.92 200m split in the 300m today at York University.

I felt really good but in the final 50 my hands closed…i couldn’t help it and my arm started to swing shorter.

I’m really happy and can’t wait till out doors…actually I can. I want to do alot more training before High school CHAMPS

You are doing it. Come on down to NC. :smiley: