PowerClean vs Vertical leap

With all the discussion below on everyoens powerclean, I wonder what the correlation is to vertical leap. Or what coach Mac was looking at, sprint times. Those of you who posted your clean, what are your vertical leaps and bodyweights?

some correlation, but VJ uses the stretch reflex a lot.
And technique plays a hand with olylifts.

get stronger, get faster, practise, boost the stretch reflex and everything will take care of itself.

I remember reading in one of my Soviet weightlifting text that the correlation between results in the clean/snatch an vertical jump was not that high HOWEVER the correlation between clean/snatch and jumping height with a barbell loaded with 40% of bodyweight was almost perfect.

Chris, do you recall if the study was done on normal subjects, primarily jump trained athletes or primarily olympic lift-trained athletes?? This should make a big difference on the ability of the olympic lifts to explain variation in the jumps.

The cleans[transition phase] can actually induce more of a stretch reflex than the vertical jump, depending on how each is performed.

There is minimal stretch reflex in most individual’s VJ’s, due to their lack of speed on the eccentric phase, inability to rapidly transfer the rapid stretch into concentric action, and lack of intramuscular-coordination between their upper and lower bodies.

For a power clean, the transition between catch and stand, although miniscule, can present a large stretch reflex component, and in fact can be larger than that present in a VJ, again, depending on the situation.

It would be interesting to find a set of >100cm jumpers who could clean perfectly and had been cleaning for at least 2 years under the guidance of a good coach. Then we would have some interesting data, but I am afraid the two (good jumpers, good cleaners) may just be mutually exclusive due to the conflicting nature of the two mechanically, technically and monetarily :slight_smile:


Has any one ever tested to see how high they can jump on to something. Like Ato in the HSI video? (the one where he jumps on to a 54" box)

And please post honest answers. I dont want to see 11.5 posting lies


Joe, the study was done on elite lifters only.

Its the double knee bend during the second pull that most people are referring to when they talk of cleans having a SSC (not the catch and recovery!)

I would expect the correlation with vertical jumping to be stonger for the snatch than the clean due to the greater requirement for high RFD.

Finding corrrelations between exercises is a bit of guesswork as there are too many variations between individuals.

I have observed individuals with great Olympic lifts but poor verticals, those who do no explosive exercises yet can do 90cm standing verticals (one bodybuilder), and others with great verticals from just bounding, and so on. If a vertical or standing long jump was an event, I am sure that those who succeed would have many differences in terms of leverage advantages, strength, and so on. The only belief that I have is that if a standing vertical or long jump improves, and the athlete at least retains his skill and specific fitness, they will run personal bests.

I think Colin is right “get stronger, get faster, practise, boost the stretch reflex and everything will take care of itself”.

What is critical is that you practice the desired skill of your chosen sport and aim to improve your strength and power through a variety of exercises depending on your makeup and needs. Again skill is most important. One AFL footballer, Brennan, in the draft selection camp for 2002 had a standing vertical jump of just 74cm yet could do 1.03m on the run. Others who had similar or better verticals could not get anywhere near him when applying the power to the skill of a running jump specific to AFL.

It is the same with those who posses power. While there may be many who have incredible cleans or verticals, very few of then will be able to apply this prowess to sprinting because of talent and skill levels.

I have an athlete who has a 80cm vertical, which is pretty good, yet he can get nowhere near 11.0 seconds electric because of skill and endurance deficiencies. Yet, his vertical does have a correlation with squat improvements.