Power output distribution - Quads, Glutes, Hammies

I was wondering if a study has ever been done to show the amount of involvement from Quads, Glutes and Hammies for each phase of the 100m.

For example:
0-10m - 40% Quads, 40% Glutes, 20% Hammies
10-20m - 30% Quads, 40% Glutes, 30% Hammies
etc etc…
90-100m 5% Quads, 5% Glutes, 90% Hammies

This information (if it exists) could assist athletes in strengthening weeker parts of the race.
Of course we can break down the 100m by timing each 10m segment but once you know that you are week between 30-40m it’s hard to know what kind of resistance program to use to concentrate on improving this part of the race.

Possible scenario:
An athlete may think that he/she needs to squat more to get more strength for the start, but the start might use more glutes than previously thought, then the athlete while increasing his/her weights in the squat is mainly building up quad strength because of his/her squat technique. This leads to inefficient use of valuable CNS expenditure, and could even lead to future muscle imbalances and injuries.

does anyone understand what I mean?

In sprinting, the quads fire more when the hips are in front the base of support (early acceleration). AT max velocity the hip extensors are the prime movers. All of the leg extensors are involved in every part of the dash, but there is a change in the sequence of firing, the method they produce force, and the role played (prime mover, stabilizer)

There have been extensive discussions in the archives on this topic.