power and size

Hello everybody,

sorry my english is bad, hope you can understand the issue.
I am a 28 yo sprinter 5’10 167 lbs
My max are quite poor:
bench press: 222
back squat (ass to the ground) 333
front squat 289 (ass to the ground)
dead lift 345
PB 100 m 10’86
I am very lean, but I look more like a 800 m runner than a 100 m
According to my coach, I need more power and more size (more size to develop more power I think)
I am in my strenght training period right now, and here is what I do : chins, dips, abs, a lot of core work, bench press, inclined bp, squat (front and back), dead lift
I practice twice a week and I do 55 and 310, depending of the session, for each exercise.
Do you think it’s a good way to gain some size and some power? Or do you have other suggestions?
Thank you very much for your response