Powell splits with Nike

Asafa Powell sports his Li Ning outfit at Jamaica Trials

Monday, 28 June 2010 00:06

Asafa Powell in his Li Ning outfit at Sunday’s Jamaican TrialsIt’s now official; Asafa Powell is a Li Ning sponsored athlete. He ran in his new brand outfit at Sunday’s (27 June) Jamaican Trials.

“Yes it’s my first time running in Li Ning,” said Powell while confirming trackalerts.com breaking story that he signed with the Chinese company earlier this month.

Asked how different this is from Nike, Powell replied: “It doesn’t feel any different … I did not even notice it,” he added.

Asked about the deal, if it’s one he is happy with, he said: “It’s a good deal and I am comfortable with it.”

Trackalerts was reliably informed that Powell’s previous contract agreement with Nike, which ended on December 31, was in the region of US$750,000 but they were offering less than US$300,000 for a new deal, which was refused.

Paul Doyle, Powell’s manager, said this deal is better than what Nike was offering, but not as much as the previous deal.

I saw this coming… I was wondering why he was competing in the old blue Nike kit this season.

I feel bad for track guys - 750,000. King James gets 100million after high school. :slight_smile:

Are you serious? What sport is that (damn aussies)

Basketball… He’s the Bolt of the NBA.

I wouldnt say that. Bolt is a Champion.

Those are your thoughts. If he wasn’t the “King” Nike wouldn’t never paid him 100mil. He has freak athletic ability just like Bolt, 6’8 275lbs 43+VJ and probably could run 4.4. You must be another King James Hater.

Geez, picked the wrong sport (track) we all have…
Is that 100m spread out over 5yrs or something?

Back in 2003, just before the NBA draft, LeBron James signed a $100 million, 7-year deal with Nike to be one of their top pitchmen next to Tiger Woods. Over the years, there have been numerous campaigns promoting the Nike brand along with LeBron’s collection of signature shoes. The deal expires in the next couple of months, but according to LeBron, not much will be changing.

“I don’t plan on going anywhere, maybe I already have an agreement,” James told the Cleveland Plains-Dealer. “I take care of my business on and off the court.”

There may be a formal announcement coming, but there wasn’t much doubt about his relationship with Nike. LeBron has a say on the campaigns he’s involved in along with the designs of his shoes.

“I think my shoes have continued to get better over the years and a lot of players, a lot of teams and a lot of colleges want to wear my shoes,” James said. “I appreciate that especially around March. The VII is the best we’ve had so far, until the VIIIs come out.”

James is no slouch in the endorsement department. Along with the Nike deal, James also has a multimillion-dollar deal with Coca-Cola, where he reps brands like Sprite, Power Ade, and Vitamin Water. He also has deals with State Farm, McDonalds and other companies making him the highest-earning NBA player through endorsements.


RB34 - what would a typical contract look like over your way? I guess, whats the range (price wise)?

I expect there are plenty that make Israel Folau’s deal look like small change!

NBA minimum salary is over 700,000 dollars
NHL minimum is 500,000 dollars

Some track and field athletes would settle for a WNBA minimum of 32,000.

(salaries not 100% accurate)

Based on number years played.

Years in NBA 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11
0 398,762 412,718 427,163 442,114 457,588 473,604
1 641,748 664,209 687,456 711,517 736,420 762,195
2 719,373 744,551 770,610 797,581 825,497 854,389
3 745,248 771,331 798,328 826,269 855,189 885,120
4 771,123 798,112 826,046 854,957 884,881 915,852
5 835,810 865,063 895,341 926,678 959,111 992,680
6 900,498 932,015 964,636 998,398 1,033,342 1,069,509
7 965,185 998,967 1,033,930 1,070,118 1,107,572 1,146,337
8 1,029,873 1,065,918 1,103,225 1,141,838 1,181,803 1,223,166
9 1,035,000 1,071,225 1,108,718 1,147,523 1,187,686 1,229,255
10+ 1,138,500 1,178,348 1,219,590 1,262,275 1,306,455 1,352,181

Now the Q. is - how many teams and how many players per team?


There are 30 teams. Each team is allowed to dress 12 players for a game. There are other leagues they can call players up from to replace injured players.

Naw I stopped watchin bball after jordan retired the last time, I watch again when the heat won. I havent watched lebron in one single game. They both maybe be freaks but james hasnt won the big one yet. Bolt has and did it will DESTROYING world records. James imo is no where near bolt! Now if and when james does i will change my mind. James is more of a powell or gay. Jordan is still imo the best ever bball player.

Yea, had a lady friend who ran for a D1 Collage in Texas. She was offered a SMALL contract for Reebok for less then 32k. She said she could not survive on it while taking care of her son (she’s a single mom). She quit running and started teaching. She had a pr of about 51 in the 400.

I see where RB is coming from with the Bolt comparison. Correct me if I am wrong but he’s talking about a marketing comparison not entirely on what they’ve won as sports people.

I wouldn’t compare Bolt to James- Bolt has acheived much more relative to James.

Lebron has yet to win a title and is not considered better than Jordon, Bolt will go down GOAT, Lebron at this stage of his career can’t be considered GOAT.