Powell 10.10 +3.1

Very few details available, but he was 7th.

Former 100 metres world record holder Asafa Powell did not fare as well, finishing seventh in the 100 behind American winner Mike Rodgers, who clocked 9.93 seconds.
Jamaica’s Powell clocked 10.10. Olympic silver medalist Richard Thompson of Trinidad finished fifth in 10.01.
“It was disappointing for me today,” said Powell, who had missed training time due to an ankle injury. “But it will get better.”

wonder what happened to him to run 10.10 because from the sound of the media he wasnt doing so bad.

his whole race looked mediocre. he was not out at the start like usual, he was even with the leaders after 30m and he didn’t pull away during the middle so his top speed was lacking.

I agree his start was shitty.

Yeah Just got back from the stadium. He’s gotta step up to the plate… Training from confidence or not he’d better start performing for his money… The meet was not cheap the traffic was a bitch. All this to be let down… The stands were packed too…

videos of the 100?


powell looks very top heavy again, cut, but heavy


Im tired of Powell and his excuses. He cant step up to the plate when it matters.

and the Reebok Classic in May is when it matters? :confused:

Has anyone ever seen him get left in the blocks like that before?

nope but I agree with los when I look at the video again.

Powell seems heavy. Cut, but heavy.

Yea asafa looked huge to me also. His start looked different and he didnthave his usual long drive phase. He just looked out of wack. who knows but one meet does tell us the whole season. Also did u notice his training partner in the back getting blown up with him?

There are strong indications that the entire group is having problems.

Charlie, what sort of times would you expect Carter & Frater to be running if they were on pace to peak around 9.98/10.00 in Berlin? Or, does anyone know what they were running last year at the end of May?

Well, they are going to need to go that fast to make their team. Usain and Powell are for the most part locks in making the Jamaican team, but Blake has a faster SB than either of them, so they are going to need 9.98-10.0 shape to have a chance of making the team.

I just know there are a lot of injuries in the group and times have been hard to come by so far. NY is fast- we know that for sure and a WA 10.10 might be 10.30 or so in normal conditions. Sometimes there’s a let-down after the OGs but as often people open up fast because they overtrained in the Oly year and when they go a bit easier in training, they fly.
I just wonder because this is so widespread throughout MVP this year.

Yeah, no clue what that could be related to…

Other then the injuries sustained during the course of the year, from previous news stories in seemed like the MVP group put a greater emphasis on getting in shape to run early season 400m’s. Could this be effecting his 100m prep.

That might be possible.