posture and sprinting mechanics

I have read that elite sprinters have more frontside mechanics than rookies…How would someone develop better frontside mechanics?..I have noticed that some of my team mates have a pelvic tilt that causes excessive backside mechanics…And I feel this sensation when i try to lean into my sprints but i notice that some of my other team mates who are not sprinters demonstrate proper postural alignment?

Google “Mike Robertson Fixing Your Force Couples” see if that helps you out.

developing better frontside mechanics? we have had some luck with the following …

  1. ass to the ground squats (A2G)
  2. pelvic tilts
  3. straight leg bounds
  4. high knee accelerations
  5. hurdle mobility

Correcting posture/achievement of proper postural alignment will do wonders for limiting buttkick/excessive heel recovery and moving most of the action to the frontside. Proper arm action will also help with the shift from backside to frontside mechanics.

what is the proper arm action

I’m sure you could search that. But the arms want to be moving in a fairly linear fashion. Hitting back to just past the hips and forward to maybe slightly beyond shoulder level. Elbows stay around 90 degrees, although they will close slightly in front of the body, and open slightly behind the body. Keep them relaxed though! Not too much more to say really.