Posterior/Anterior Tibialus Problems

I wal witha slight pronation on my right foot, I didn’t know quite what it was, but I did a little research, and it seems that I have an elongated posterior tibialus, that’s causing me to have a noticeable pronation. I’ve been running a year now, but I recently jumped up my mileage from about 35 miles per week to about 55 miles a week, and my anterior tibialus is giving me some REAL heavy problems.

So I’m pretty sure I know why my anterior tibialus is hurting, and I know how it got injured, however I don’t know any ways to treat it, besides surgery on my P.T. Are there any excercise I could do to strengthen, or shorten my P.T.? What’s the best way to rehabilitate my A.T./P.T.?

Does anyone have experience with tibial tendon injuries? What helped? What didnt?

Could I use EMS as a recovery tool to help strengthen the tendon-muscle groups?

Usually people with pronated feet have a corresponding equinus deformity (restricted ankle joint dorsiflexion). A way to place less stress upon the posterior tibial tendon upon activity, and to prevent stress upon the anterior tibial tendon upon dorsiflexion activity, is to wear orthotics. Orthotics will place the foot in a more structural sound position, decreasing amount of overuse work that your tendons have to do.

Palmtag, ART on the AT to loosen the fascia. Tight AT and dorsi flexors means long PT. Check for leg length descrepency or spinal curvature creating leg length descrepency. No downhill running.