post season 4x100; 200 double

Hi folks:
any tips on running routines would be appreciated.

we have 4 weeks to a 4x100/ 200m double if possible;

the 4x100 is with the best hi school sprinters in Hawaii… all 11sec.
Joe is probably a 10.9± but we couldnt run the 100 this season due to hamstring inj. He did a 10.99 early last year but was dq’d at state meet trials so we dont know his short speed.
He managed a 21.91 at state this year.

If the guys can get a good enough time we can get some assistance getting them to Indianapolis for usatf (jr olympics?).

Anybody going?

I plan on starting right away with same short accel repeats workout that got us up from the hamstring inj,
-gradualy lengthening the accels as far as possible; starting at 10x10m x8-10, up to 25m if poss.with less rep/sets.;
hopefully from there we can freely get in some short speed work 25-80m; accel,max,relaxed.
-will include some spec/spd endurance also.
-and of course tempo

-this all depends on how well his ham is after 4 weeks since state meet.

he hasnt taken a baton handoff since last year, but the state 4x100 champion coach is getting this set together so he will be in good hands in that dept.