Post-meet workouts?

I hope this is the right section for this question, but what do you guys do on the day after the meet, that’s Sunday for me most of the time. I run the 60m and long jump, some meets I’ll shot put too, but I dont think it’s that demanding on my body as the jumping and running. Although my coach says full rest, I think active rest will be more beneficial, but I dont know what exercises to do exactly and how much of them, I just feel the need to get up and do something.

While I would probably go with full rest as your coach suggested perhaps what you should think about is WHAT NOT TO DO on the following day.

I would suggest NO doing anything that taxes similar physiological mechanisms as race day. E.g. stay away from high intensity work.

Perhaps some push ups, sit ups and some slow tempo or swimming might be a good idea?

Also, why don’t you think Shot Put is taxing on your body? Shot put significantly taxes the central nervous system (CNS). Like your muscles the CNS can also become tired… something you might want to look into more.

Hope this helps,


I know shot put is CNS taxing, but I just started and I am not experienced enough to make an all out effort like the advancd throwers, I havent qualified for finals yet so I only get 3 throws per meet, hence it is not as demanding on my system as the running and jumping. Swimming makes me feel really tired. I am talking about doing something for active recovery like Westside Barbell’s sled dragginng, but I am afraid that If I drag I`ll gain weight, and I’m too heavy even now.

I do nothing but rest completely the day after a meet.

Multi-phase stretch routines seem to work with most of my athletes. However, most any stretching exercises might do. With activity, relaxation with small-to-medium df will have some recovery benefit.

I think it’s an individual thing. I would try both and see what works best -whatever you do, take it easy…

If anything I might stretch a little bit but usually the day after a meet I am chilling on the couch