Possible to be a good longdistance and sprinter?

I am a junior in highschool. I run Cross country, winter track and spring track. In Cross Country my best has been a 18:22. In spring track last year i ran a best of a 24.7 200m. This year is the only year my team went hardcore cross country training, im afraid this has taken away from my sprinting ability. Is it possible to become the sprinter I once was again? also during winter track and spring track, i will not be doing long distance.

I plan on training for sprints after xc groups next week. I will have aprox 2-4 weeks of training. I love sprinting so much more then longdistance, but quitting xc is out the question.

Have you or do you know anybody else who has succesfully been a good sprinter and longdistance runner.

My friend does XC, Basketball, and Sprints. His Pr’s are 17:51, 24.1 and 11.96. He’s extremely quick, especially on the basketball court. It can be done.

Until you start scratching on 23.00 I don’t think XC will kill your sprinting, however, it won’t help you as much as sports like, lacrosse or football.

A kid I workout with in weight training is one of the best cross country runners, and also has the school 800, 400 records, and runs in the 4x100m. He’s a beast. He weighs 132 pounds and full squats 315, benches 215, cleans 215, and did 50 nonstop dips the other day.

you cannot do both.what i mean is sure its possible but while doing XC you are training a total different system than training for sprinting.you like sprints then why do XC long runs while training for sprints are in my opinion a total waste of time and effort.pick what you want to do and train for that event if you want to perform good.yes you can do both but in this case you will always be Mr.average!!!

what do you class as good sprinting.you can do 11.5 and do XC but how about 10.50 and trashing XC

Seb Coe could run 21.** and sub 11

Yes Juantarino apparently run 10.8 secs. But it does n’t mean that sprint athletes should train like 800m athletes. With proper and correct sprint training you can run that fast in a shorter time than doing X-country training or 800m training to compete in the 60m,100m and 200m. Think about the years and training volumes of Coe et al who dominated 800m. Thousands of meters of track work equating to a high sub 11? Not economical training for a sprinter. Not to mention the catabolic effects of such training, power gains and speed gains would be less prominent as an outcome of the training regime.

this one kid in ohio who graduate in 2003 could run a low 22 second 200m and could run a 1:53-1:55 800 and a 4:19 mile

yeah seb coe ran these times with a flying start!!! don’t forget this

I have no idea if that is true or not, but I have seen Said Gurney run 45 and 21 seconds from blocks … It was VERY impressive …

Yep Yep. Don’t waste your time doing both kid, unless you live for mediocrity.

Or unless you live for the half mile :stuck_out_tongue:

I always thought Edwin Moses was pretty mediocre myself …

Obea Moore ran under 21 in the 200, under 46 in the 400 and under 150 in the 800, as well as running on the #1 4x100 and 4x400 in the country. Obea ran xc as well as doing a double three days a week in with a 3 mile run in the morning. Ive seen many runners do miles as long as you dont get away from your speed all together.

and that cubban guy who run 44.23 in the 400
and 1.45.xx in the 800 he won two gold in the olympics old one
el ccabello

It is certainly possible to be good at both, but you can only be great at one. Eventually you will have to reach a point where you will have to specialize, because the training is contradictory.

Of course we can always cite examples of individuals who run great times in everything, but to really be a contender you, just like everyone else, needs to pick a focus. If this was not the case, we would see alot more 100m/800m guys winning gold medals.

And just in case anyone brings it up, doing a 400m and an 800m is not a radical idea, in fact they go fairly well togeather. Johnson was considered insane for doing a 200m and a 400m.

Who considered that? Many of the 400m guys around in the last 20 years have been good 200m guys that have moved up. Quincy started life as such, so did Alvin, Tyree and Wariner. Tommy Smith was a 19.8/44.5 guy. The 200m/400m goes hand in hand … more so than an 800 and 400

This saturday our team is going to state groups. The following monday I am going to start training for the 4x200 for winter track.
I have compilled lots of information, and this is what i have come up with for my workout plan.

Monday. Hard

Warm up/stretch
1 lap strides
2x30m backwards sprint.
Level1 pylometrics
1 lap of strides
Lower body lifting.

Tuesday Easy.

Warm up/stretch
2 laps strides
Upper body lifting

Wednesday. Hard.

Warm up/stretch
Carter Pylometrics
3x100s @90%
Stand start 4x50s @90%
5x fly30s @90%
Lower body lifting

Thursday Easy.

Warm up/stretch
2 laps strides
Upper body lifting
5 hills

Friday. Hard

Warm up/stretch
Level1 pylometrics
4x200s@ 90%
Lower body lifting
Oversprinting downhills. 5 times.

Saturday. Easy

Warm up/stretch
2 lap strides.
6 Hills.
upperbody lifting.

*carter pylometrics means just .buttkicks,highknees,powerskips.
*level 1. is carter pylometrics plus box jumps, side to side jumps, powerskips for distance,and some more stuff i find.
*levl 2. uhh havent come up with this yet, but would like to add some diffrent plylo stuff.

Im sort of new to this stuff so i have some questions.
Will I overwork my cns by having upperbody lifting on my “tempo” days.

EDIT:: opps i ment upperbody lifting.