possible 200m workout??

could someone please critique this workout??

mondays 2sets
blocks 4x35m
flying 4x flying 60’s

2 sets of 300, 200, 100
or 2 sets of 4x 150


150- 95%-100%
and 15minute rest
100- 95% 100%

Good idea. Charlie could you give some protocols for a sprinter who specializes in only the 200m say someone like U.S. sprinter Kevin Little?

World class - what intensity is ur wednesday workout at ?

i guess about 80%
i use wednesdays as a sort of conditioning day.
i usually walk the distance i am about to run for recovery.

any better suggestions??


What are the tempo requirements for a 200 runner? I dont see any tempo listed at all…


yeah, id want to know about tempo also, but other than that workout looks pretty good. oh, also, the intensity on wednesday is about 80%, what are the rest periods, you probably want to decide if they are closer to max velocity or if they are tempo.

I’d agree with dazs in that you’d probably be better off deciding on whether to make wednesday hi or lo intensity
I’d guess CFTS would probably make -
mon - acc only
wed - f20’s
fri - 100m / 200m with max recovery
and make ur 150’s 100’s as recovery / tempo @ 65 - 75 % of max on tues and thurs

But Charlie may have different ideas for someone concentrating on 200m
I’d be interested to know what they are