Port Huron Meet

I ran the 100m in 11.22s today, not too bad. Unfortunately i was running against one of the fastest schools(if not the fastest) in the state and only placed fourth.:frowning: Third was Matt Browning(PH) in 11.15s, 2nd was Terry Mitchell(PH) in 10.80s and 1st was Josh Collier(PH) in 10.56s!(1/100th of a second off the state record!) I predicted on the old board that Josh would win states, well forget that, He could win nationals!!!:o

When running against such tough opposition, it’s important to concentrate on yourself as much as possible during the race. As you ran close to your PB of 11.15, it seems you did a good job under big pressure. I think a new PB is likely when you run against more “normal” competition.

Josh is just a junior and this was his 1st meet of the year! The times are electronic and there was very little wind.

I just thought of this. It’s possible to be so fast that u make other people slower! haha!:slight_smile: