Pop...scar tissue?

Hello all, In 2005 I had a grade 2 hamstring tear in my right leg that never really healed right. Anyways so I was just using EMS on my hamstrings with the power jacked up pretty high and I felt/heard popping from my right hamstring on the 3rd rep. (I was sitting on the floor, legs straight out).

At first I suspected I F’ed my hamstring up, but as I walked around and felt my hamstring out, I don’t feel injured whatsoever. Infact, the hamstring feels a bit looser now.

Is it possible that I just broke up some adhesions?

1st at all, you have to flex your knees, lie on your stomach!
then do a warm up with your ems (light contraction) before hamstring work.
third go to a therapist for ART or deep massage work and pelvic/lumbar correction.

I had a similar thing happen 1 1/2 weeks after having my bicep reattached. I was worried I reinjured it, but after examination the doctor said the pop I heard/felt was probably just fascial or scar tissue.

Really? Doesn’t that stimulate a “leg curl” function more than a “hip extension” firing pattern though? (I’m so unaware of ems)

I did a warm up…several minutes of light pulsing. I read that it’s very unlikely to tear a muscle via EMS…so thats why I’m hoping I broke up some scar tissue.

If you tore a muscle you would know it.

Yeah after it popped I felt it out and actually had more flexibility than before…and I had this weird sensation throughout my hamstring but it felt really good…I don’t know what it was though or even if it was just mental? (When I use EMS the area tends to get slightly numb for whatever reason)

What does it even mean that something popped??

I’m confident that you just broke up the adhesions as you mentioned. I did the same thing on a GHR soon after rehabbing a grade 1 hamstring tear.

Worried at first like you, but it was perfectly fine.

You tore fascial or scar tissue. I also noticed an increased range of motion after I felt the pop. It felt “different”, but didn’t hurt.