Poor mans speed-endurance?

When limited to a track that is only 60 meters long, how would you go about implementing speed-endurance?

Would running a 60, turn around, walk to the finish line, then accelerate for 30 meters do anything at all? (except create ample opportunities for head injuries, that is)

So you have 60m where you can sprint at full intensity, or you have 30m of sprinting space and you need 30m to slow down?

You can sprint 60m, turn around and sprint back. Or, as the 2004 Vancouver Series DVDs has it, you can run 60m, rest for 3(4 x 60m) with 2.5 minutes rest between reps and 7 minutes between sets.

I can run a full 60 without slowing down. There is no matress at the other end, though, and I don’t like the thought of hitting a wall at full speed.

When we’ve only had 40m and 30 minutes for a SE workout, we do full acceleration (10m shutdown) - followed by retro running back to beginning. 10x30m continuous with 12 minutes between.

Bear in mind I’m talking about speed endurance here, not special endurance.

You would need more than 60m for speed endurance to come into play. The athlete won’t reach their top speed with such a short distance, and therefore, all you could hope for is sub-speed endurance. Pure speed and Special Endurance are all you can work on. It doesn’t take long for the athlete to get their speed endurance up once they are outdoors.

A longer track would be good for max speed development but what’s available here should be enough for speed endurance (walk backs or backand forths) Generally, the shorter the track, the longer the SE (more reps) in order to compensate.

If speed endurance is specific to the speed, how can this be developed if he is not getting a chance to hold it.

Speed needs a bit more space but you have to go with what you have for that period. In other words, you’re working off the speed that you have in place already, working the longer SE, then relying on moving up the shorter SE- and the speed when you get to a longer track or an outdoor training camp.
This is where training flexibility comes in. If you had the full space for Sp and SE, you might use a spring training camp for tempo on the grass. In this situation, you’d try to work on recovery for at least a week before the training camp and use the camp for Speed and SE work.

Sorry for the tangent, but irrespective of space would it be a good idea for the introduction of longer intervals for short SE to do EFEs and FEFs in the same way that top speed is introduced (e.g., 40-40-40 m, 50-50-50 m, etc)? How would that fit?

You wouldn’t have room for FEFs cause you’d need 60m plus room to stop. If you had that you’d have al you needed in the first place. You could do the EFEs

How do you control the intensity of split 60’s? Would you have the athlete accelerate the same distance for both runs?

Generally yes.

you could run diagonally across the track.
that might add about 10m, or so…


What is FEFs?

fast, easy, fast

Fast Easy Fast