Pmoax's 400/800 Training

why have u gone from Km’s to miles?
Cold hey - might need a De-load wk? Get into the good food and vitamins.

Is Mark Guthrie going to be training you in Madison, or will you be with a different group? If you’re with Guthrie, I’m assuming you’ll have Andrew Rock to work with in practice.

I have gone to miles because that is how the rest of the team keeps track of volume as well as thats what everyone here in the states does. Yea I have been trying to eat healthy, I think the reason I was sick was the relatively unsanitary conditions in my dorm room… but I have been eating my fruits and veggies :slight_smile:

I probably won’t be training with Coach Guthrie but I will be training with Coach Byrne who is a very established distance coach, I’m 100% commited to the 800m at this point.

Wednesday 9/2
30 Minute Sauna
notes: Felt awfull today, had the worst of my cold and got absolutely no sleep last night :frowning:

Volume for the Day: 0 Miles
Volume for the Week: 15.75 Miles

Thursday 9/3
18 Minute Warm Up Run
Basic Form Drills
4 Hills
Sat one Out
3 Hills
20 Minute Cool Down
notes: Got crushed in my first workout with the 800m guys, the good news is that I have very much room to improve but the bad news is that I am very far behind. Still feeling the cold a bit but not nearly as much thanks to 12 hours of sleep.

10 Min Bike
3X5 Squats @185lbs
3X5 CGRDL’s @135lbs
2X10 Back Extensions

Volume for the Day: 7 Miles
Volume for the Week: 22.25 Miles

Friday 9/4
50 Minute Run
notes: Took it easier and felt pretty solid. I feel that I am over the cold, knock on wood.

Volume for the Day: 7 Miles
Volume for the Week: 29.25 Miles

Hey mate, what’s the goals for this year?

Saturday 9/5
6.75 Mile Run in 46:15
notes: Pushed the pace on the last mile or two.

Dynamic Warm Up
8X100m @15s on grass with 60s recoveries

Volume for the Day: 7.75 Miles
Volume for the Week: 37 Miles

I guess my goal is to contribute as much as I can to the team. Individually I would like to qualify for NCAA regionals in the 800m and also to make an impact on our 4x400m.

Sunday 9/6
9 Mile Run in 63:03

Volume for the Day: 9 Miles
Volume for the Week: 46 Miles

How have you found the transition from sprinting to middle distance? I’ve come from a sprinting background myself.

Well hitting up the mileage isn’t too bad but I’m coming from a very high general fitness capacity so I think that helps. The part that has been killing me are workout that are what most people would refer to as “intensive tempo” with very short recoveries

What sort of recovs are you refering to? 30sec? 60sec? 90sec? That kind of thing?

Yea, but not only are they short, they come after rather tough repetitions. Just look at what I did below.

Monday 9/7
5 Mile Run
7X200m @30-32 with 30s jogging recovery (took 1:30 recovery after the 6th)
1 Mile Run
notes: Feeling better with the Mid-Distance training, still have a lot of room to improve.

Volume For Day: 7 Miles
Volume For Week: 7 Miles

Tuesday 9/8
7 Badger Miles in 49:21
6X100m Hard Strides

Volume for Day: 14 Miles
Volume for Week: 14 Miles

Wednesday 9/9/09
20 Minute Warm Up
4X 1:50 Hills with 90sec recovery
5X 50s Hills with 2:00 recovery
20 Minute Cool Down
notes: Handled the hills much better than last time.

1 Mile Bike
Dynamic Drills
3X5 Squats @185lbs
3X5 CGRDL’s @135lbs
3X12 Back Extensions
3X12 Decline Sit Ups

Volume for Day: 7 Miles
Volume for Week: 21 Miles

Thursday 9/10
~8 Miles in 51:34
Distance Style Core Circuit
notes: Did some mileage in the arb today.

Volume for Day: 8 Miles
Volume for Week: 29 Miles

Friday 9/11
2 Miles
5X400m @74 with 30s recovery
1:45 recovery
2X400m @72 with 30s recovery
1:45 recovery
2X400m @72 with 1:45 recovery
1 Mile

2X5 Vertimax with 4 cords @5:5
2,2,2,2,2 Snatch @65lbs, 85lbs, 105lbs, 105lbs, 105lbs
3X5 Squats @185lbs
3X5 CGRDL’s @135lbs
2X8 Glute-Ham Raise

Volume for Day: 6 Miles
Volume for Week: 35 Miles

Saturday 9/12
6 Badger Miles with Bolas

Volume for Day: 6 Miles
Volume for Week: 41 Miles