Pmoax's 400/800 Training

Hi everyone,
I have decided to start a training journal on here to help me reflect and look back on what I am doing in my training. I am also hoping to gain some input from some of the members on here in certain aspects. I plan to follow a 12 week GPP followed by a 12-16 week SPP, after that I will need to find out what races I am doing to tinker with my comp cycles. I know a good bit about training but my knowledge is very limited in terms of how to periodize stuff so any help in that regard would help. A little bit of background. I am 17 years old an starting my senior year in high school, right now I am about 5’11’’ and ~155lbs. My main events this next year will be the 400m and 800m.
100m:11.1 ht
200m:22.36 ht and 22.55 fat
i300m:37.98 fat (lol dead tired durring this race)
400m:49.65 fat (47 relay carry on last race of season)
i500m:1:07.90 fat
800m:1:56.03 fat (1:53.8 relay cary at NON)

Most of my pr’s have improved dramatically this past season I dropped 8 seconds off my 800m and ~2-3 seconds off my 400m. Since freshman year I have improved my relay carries from 56-47. I am relatively new to 800m training and still have not yet done a season of training for the 800m. Some point of focus for this next year will be trying to win the 500m and 300m at my indoor state meet as well as trying to give a 1:51 or better performance at the Penn Relays and my state meet, and running low 47 open.
200m: 21.50
i300m: 34.90
400m: 47.00
i500m: 1:03.00
800m: 1:51.00
1500m: 4:00.00

The last few weeks I have been transitioning from the 2 weeks I took off after track season into light running and some basic lifting. On monday I will resume full scale training.
My idea for the first half of GPP would look something like this:

Sunday:4-8 Easy Miles

Monday:Shorter Intervals (10-14X400m, Split Runs, 4X800m, 3X500m)

Tuesday:Intensive Tempo (6-8X300m, 4-6X600m, 5X500m, 8-12X200m)+Hills

Wednesday: 3-5 Light Miles

Thursday:Longer Interval Type work (6X800m @vo2 max, 3X1600m, 4X1000m, fartlek)

Friday:4-6 Miles + Quick striders at end

Saturday:Intensive Tempo (6-8X300m, 4-6X600m, 5X500m, 8-12X200m)+Hills

*Weights would be done on Monday and Thursday later in the day and would consist of the following:
Squats/Front Squats
RDL’s/Good Mornings
Step Up’s/Overhead Squats
Glute Ham/Glute Ham
Core Work/Core Work

Hey bro, I like your times. As you see from my journal, I am also turning a senior and I’m 17 and 5’10" 160. I am a 100/200 sprinter and I want to pick up the 400 too.

How can I train for all 3? And as you are a HS student, you know that this is XC season, but I dont put emphasis on that. I train on the track instead of going to the races. (I’ll only race in the championship race so the school can get points.)

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks man.

No prob bro. It is 100 pages but Ill try.

Its a son of a bitch to sprint a 400. I die out after 300. The last 100 is…well…just balls…

I want that 4x400 relay championship this year and Im not gonna stop until that happens.

Our 4x100 and 4x200 can give a threat as well, but Im really looking at the 4x400.

Sunday 9/7
4 Miles Easy
notes:first day of gpp, yay!

I find your training set up really interesting since you don´t have the usual high volume mileage that makes you slow. :slight_smile:

Btw. you may be interested in looking at Vebjorn Rodal´s training.

Monday 9/8
1km Warm Up on Grass
10 Minutes Form Drills and Dynamic Stretches
2X600m @1:40 with 5 minute recoveries
3X300m @46 with 3 minute recoveries
notes: the focus was just to get moving toward some faster more intense work

Dynamic Warm Up
3X5 Vertimax with 4 Cords @ 4:4
3X3 Snatch @ 30kg From Knee High Block (fast working on speed and low catch postition)
4X6 Squats @70kg
2X10 DB RDL’s @30lbs
2X10 Step Ups @30kg
2X10 Glute Ham Raise
2X10 Hanging Leg Raises
2X12 Physioball Sit Ups

Thanks for the reference towards Rodal’s training I found it after some digging and encountered some other good info in the process.

Tuesday 9/9
2.5 Miles
10X200 @~31 with 2 minute recovery
6X60m Hill Sprints
1 Mile Cool Down
notes:felt good on the 200’s which were done on mulch. felt some tenderness in my right knee durring hill sprints.

Wednesday 9/10
15 Dynamic Warm Up
6X25m Sled Pulls @45lbs
3X5 Vertimax with 4 cords @ 4:4
2X5 Back Squats @70kg
3X3 Power Clean @50kg,55kg,60kg
3X5 Front Squat @50kg
2X10 DB RDL’s @35lbs
2X10 Hanging Leg Raises
2X10 Physioball Crunches
10 Min Foam Rollar and Stick
notes: the rain forced me inside today and I will do VO2 max tomorrow, might also run later tonight

Thursday 9/11
6.5 Miles @ Umstead Park (very, very hilly, including a 1800m hill)

5 Min Bike Warm Up
Upper Body Stretching
3X3 Bench Press @135lbs
3X10 Chest Supported Row @45lbs
2X10 DB Incline Press @35lbs
2X10 Lat Pull Downs @100lbs
2X10 Tricep Press Downs @60lbs
2X10 DB Bicep Curls @25lbs
2X10 Back Extensions on Roman Chair
notes:just a general strength sesion nothing too heavy before my races this weekend

Friday 9/12
4 Miles in ~30 minutes
15min foam roller

Saturday 9/13
1 Mile Warm Up
2500m Leg of Relay: ~9:00
1 Mile Cool Down
notes:not exactly the result I was looking for but a very bennifical race as I am now prepared for my mile tomorow and my 5k in two weeks. 1st xc race in 11 months

Sunday 9/14
2 Miles of Warming Up including Drills
1 Mile Race: DNF :frowning:
1 Mile Cool Down
notes: unfortunately I experienced some cramps around 1000m into the race and had to pull out. I belive this is mostly due to racing the day before as well as not necessarly being in the best mile running shape

Monday 9/15
4 Miles in 30:00
10 min foam roller and stick

how do you like the vertimax?

I love the vertimax. I tend to use it first in the session because I feel that it is very taxing on the nervous system. Nothing compares to the first time you use a vertimax and then perform a free jump afterwards, the neural recruitment is awesome, it feels like your flying. Have you used one?

No but we have one at the gym I train at. It’s one of the deluxe units but I haven’t even tried it yet. It always interested me though.

Tuesday 9/16
15 Dynamic Warm Up
2x30m Sled Pulls @25lbs+Sled
2x30m @ 95%
3X5 Vertimax with 4 cords @ 4:4
3,3,3,1,1,1 Snatches @ 30k,30k,40k,50k,50k,50k
3X8 Back Squats @70k
2X10 RDL’s @70k
1X10 Step Ups @30k
3X12 Glute-Ham Raise
2X12 Hanging Leg Raise
2X12 Reverse Crunch
2X12 Phisioball Crunch
1X10 Plate Side Touches
notes:was going to do 4X4X400 today but due to the weather I had to move indoors

mortac, I highly recomend trying it, if nothing for the novelty of it. try 5 resisted jumps and then remove the cords and do a squat jump… lemme know what its like :smiley:

Wednesday 9/17
7 Miles

Thursday 9/18
Afternoon I:
800m Warm Up
200 @26 3min recov
300 @42 3min recov
400 @60 3min recov
400 @60 3min recov
200 @26
notes: plan was to do 2,3,4,5,4,3,2 but I just didn’t quite have it today especially with 3 min recoveries.

Afternoon II:
Dynamic Warm Up
3X5 Vertimax with 4 cords at 4:4
3X3 Power Cleans @50k
5X1 Power Cleans @60k
3X8 Back Squat @70k
2X12 Snatch Grip RDL’s @40k
2X10 Glute Ham Raise
2X10 Hanging Leg Raise
2X15 Physioball Crunch
2X15 Reverse Crunch
2X10 Side to Sides with 10lbs