Pmoax's 400/800 Training

Friday 9/19
15 Min Foam Roller

Saturday 9/20
1 Mile Warm Up
Form Drills
6X300m Hills @60s
notes: hill was pretty steep except for last 50m which was flat

5 Min Bike Warm Up
3X5 Bench @135lbs
3X5 Chest Supported Row @ 55lbs
2X10 Tricep Press Downs
2X10 Cable Curls
2X10 Lateral Raises
2X12 Back Extensions on Roman Chair
2X10 Decline Sit Ups

Sunday 9/21
6.25 Miles

3.75 Miles

Monday 9/22
Dynamic Warm Up
4X5 Forward hurdle hops
3X5 Vertimax with 4 cords @ 4:4
3X3 Snatch @30k,40k,40k
3X8 Back Squat @70k (felt the best ever)
3X5X20m Sled @25lbs 30 sec between reps and ~4 minutes between sets
2X12 Snatch Grip RLD’s @50k
2X10 Glute Ham Raise
2X10 Hanging Leg Raise
2X10 Reverse Crunch
2X10 Physioball Crucnh
2X10 10lbs Side-to-Sides
notes: Workout went well also had some various bounds afterwards as demonstration for my classes. The goal of the sled was to increase my CP-ATP strength endurance can anyone tell me if this was an accurate workout for those means?

Tuesday 9/23
15 Min Dynamic Warm Up
10X400m Hill @85s with 2:15 jog back down recovery
notes:workout felt great, much better than I had anticipated especially considering the volume.

Since I have some time I will include what I normally do for dynamic warm ups.
4X60m Jog
1X60m Skip
1X60m Backpedal
1X30m Side Shuffle (right and left)
1X30m Carioca (right and left)
1X30m Lunges
1X30m Inverted Toe Touch
1X30m Straight Leg March
5X Supine Leg Cross
5X Supine Hip Cross-Overs
5X Scorpions
5X 4-Way Hip Series (abduction, clockwise, counter clockwise, glute kicks)
2X30m A-March
2X30m B-Skips
2X30m A-Skips
2X30m C-Skips
1X30m High Knees
1X30m Cycle Action
2X60m Strider

this is about it, sometimes I will throw in more striders at the end

Wednesday 9/24
6 Miles at about 7:15 pace

Thursday 9/25
Dynamic Warm Up
5X30m Starts from 4-point
1X5 Depth Jumps onto Box
4X5 Single Leg Bounds
2X5 Single Leg Mini-Hurdle Jumps
3X5 Vertimax with 4 cords @ 4:4
5,1,1,1,1,1 Clean at 40k,50k,50k,50k,50k,50k
3X8 Back Squat @70k
2X10 Snatch Grip RDL’s @40k
2X10 Glute Ham Raise
2X8 Hanging Leg Tuck
2X10 Reverse Crunch
2X10 Physioball Sit Ups
1X10 Side-to-Side plate touches

30 Minute Sauna

Friday 9/26
5 Miles + 4X200m Striders

Saturday 9/27
2 Mile Warm Up
Dynamic Drills
3X1 Mile @ 6:30, 5:30, and 5:30 with 5 minute recovery
6X50m Short Hills with walk back recovery

Sunday 9/28
4 Mile Run

Dynamic Warm Up
6X100m @80%
~15 Med Ball Tosses
notes: in the later session I helped my sister do her first real workout for sports performance. she did some mechanical work, sled pulls at a light weight and a medball circuit.

Monday 9/29
Dynamic Warm Up
Agility Ladder Drills
2X5 Side-to-Side Hurdle Hops at lowest notch
2X5 Box Jumps highest one, I think it was 40inches
About 20 Contacts of Various Bounding Activities
3X5 Vertimax with 4 cords at 3:3
1X3 Snatch @40k
3X1 Snatch @40k (working on form)
4X8 Back Squat at 70k (best I have ever felt on squats)
3X5X20m Sled Pulls @25lbs, 30 seconds between reps and 4 minutes between reps
2X10 Snatch Grip RDL’s @40k
2X10 Glute Ham Raise
2X8 Hanging Leg Raise
2X10 Reverse Crunch
2X10 Physioball Crunch

Tuesday 9/30
Dynamic Warm Up
8X400m Hill Runs @ 82 with 2 minute jog down recovery

10 Min Bike
Dynmaic Flexibility
30lb BB Circuit
2X8 Incline DB Press @45lbs
2X8 Chest Supported Row @45lbs
2X10 Tricep Rope Press Down @50lbs
2X10 DB Bicep Curl @20lbs
2X10 Lateral and Side Raises @10lbs
2X10 45 Degree Back Extensions
1X15 Decline Sit Ups

Wednesday 10/1
6 Mile Run @45 minutes

30 Minute Sauna

Thursday 10/2
Dynamic Warm Up
3X300 @48s with 2 minute recovery
5 Minute Recovery
2X300 @48s with 3 minute recovery
notes:stopped because I was not feeling to good

Dynamic Warm Up
3X3XTriple Bounds Single Leg
10 Various Bounding Contacts
1X5 Vertimax
notes:strained my ankle durring the bound and futhered the injury on the vertimax, I think I tore a tendon on the top of my foot from overemphasizing the dorsi-flexion upon landing . :frowning:

Friday 10/3
4.5 Miles
notes:went a pretty relaxed pace, ankle was still feeling bum

Saturday 10/4
6 Miles in 45 minutes
notes:ankle was feeling better but still kept it light to allow for full recovery

Sunday 10/5
Dynamic Warm Up
12X100m @~15s on grass with 1:30 recovery

5000m run

total volume for the day:6500m

notes:I am going to start keeping better track of my volume both for running and weights

Monday 10/6
Dynamic Warm Up
Agility Ladders
20 Various Med Ball Throws @ 3kg
10 Min Foam Roller
notes:felt flat so I decided to postpone the hard stuff untill tomorow

6000m Run

Late Night:
30 Minute Sauna

Total volume for the day/week:6000m/11000m

Tuesday 10/7
800m Jog
Dynamic Warm Up
600m @1:30
400m @58
200m @29
400m @59
200m @30
all had 5 minute recovery, last one was supposed to be a 600 but I didn’t feel it so I cut it short
6X100m barefoot sprints on grass with 1 minute recovery

Volume Day/ Week :3000m/14km

10 Min Bike
Dynamic Stretching
3X3 Squats @135 plus bands at 3:3
2X8 RDL’s @90lbs
2X10 Back Extensions
2X10 Decline Sit Ups
2X10 Hanging Leg Raise

Wednesday 10/8
5km warm up
dynamic drills
10x200m @30s on grass with 2 minute recovery
6x60m Short Steep hills with walk back recovery
5.5km cool down

volume day/week :13km/27km

10 Min Bike Warm Up
3X5 Bench Press @155lbs
3X6 Chest Supported Row @70lbs+apparatus
8,4 25lb Weighted Dips
5,3 25lb Weighted Pull-Ups
2X12 Shoulder Series
2X10 Tricep Rope Pressdowns
2X10 Rope Hammer Curls