plzzz answer (calfs)

hey people on this board say nto to work the calfs directly, well my calfs are reallllly weak…but why shouldnt i do that?? cuz i wanan work on em…???

Sprinting itself should be all the calf work you need. If your calves hold up well in sprinting they should be strong enough. Excess mass on your lower leg is comparable to ankle weights.

You said your calves are weak. How are you defining weak? Are your hamstrings weak? are your glutes weak, quads, abs ect?? I can honestly say I have not done a direct calf movement in years and if you asked me where I am weak my answer would be everywhere (not my calves). Most people worry about thier “weaknesses” if you can only squat 3-400 lbs well then your weakness (in my opnion) is your body!

well i guess my weakness is limit strength since i can only squat like 190 and im 160 pounds, and my vert is like 23 :o

How tall are you?

like 6 feet or 6 feet 1

At 6’, or 6’1", as a basketball player, you could easily weight 200lbs and be highly agile. I would make it a goal of yours to increase your muscle mass. This newly added muscle will lead to increases in strength, speed, agility, and jumping abilty so long as you train for strength, speed, agility, and explosiveness/reactive ability.

You can’t flex bone.

Increase your lean bodymass, train right, and watch your performance increase across the board.

You gotta get stronger. Strength is a foundational quality. You need a decent base of strength, aerobic conditioning (I’m not saying jogging for miles just basic tempo work), and flexibility/mobility for GPP before you even need to start worrying about explosive strength and plyo’s, etc (SPP).

PS I am also not advocating being a powerlifter. We just need a good general base of strength to work with. You should be able to squat at least 350-400, and benching 250 should also be do-able.

Kobeflight8 how old are?

im 15 years old why?