Plz Need Help on training plan

Im currently in football season but, when the season is over.

I’ll have at least 9 weeks before track season starts and I want

to get an early start.(By the way I dont plan on lifting any weights doing this period its a personal thing)

How can i put plyometric’s for example: Depth jumps, hurdle

jumps, and standing long jump into my plan without killin

my speed days.

my guess —
mon speed
tues plyometrics
wed tempo
thur speed
fri plyometrics
sat tempo
sun rest
or is two days of plyo’s to much???


My guess would be to reduce volume, don’t do depth jumps. ANd do them after speed and a little during warmup. Sprinting is plyometric in action.

If you can’t drop a plyo day and a extra tempo day on friday

Just my thought.

Why don’t you want to do weights?

why not do depth jumps…? I did them over the summer and

they did wonders for my top speed and acceleration