PLZ Help Charlie

Hello Charlie, do you see anything that stands out in these videos? I am following a mod verison of your 7 week GPP download and this was Friday sled workout… Thanks




You look a lot better than last winter…if I remember correct…I find just a bit too much of a wide stance bak straight leg to push effectively.

LOL, probably all the weight I lost. Can you please explain your last comment?

How much weight did you lose and was if muscle or fat? Did you get any pr’s afterwards?

Sorry, a typo…I mean, if you are doing a falling type start, both feet should be nearer, and the bak leg a bit more flexed…also heel elevated.

This time last year I was about 198lbs now I am in the 175-180 range. I don’t think it helped my performance as much as some people think.

I wasn’t doing a falling start, just a normal standing start.

I also lost about 10 lbs since last year. I don’t think the effects of weight loss are immediate. Its a strange thing. Most of my weight loss was fat loss and some upper body muscle from back in the day when I was a meat head and all lower body strength was preserved.

I think you’ll eventually see a benefit.

Your runs look good, powerful. Quick turn over. You’re getting good extension, but you’re CoG is not super low. Personally, I’ve adopted a lower leg recovery for the first 3-4 strides and have found that its helped my stride length in those steps without affecting stride rate. Shin angles are good which is one of the most important things I usually look at. You’re CoG height might be caused by the sled, so I wouldn’t be too concerned with that. When I’ve been doing sleds I’ve been trying to get comfortable pushing off as close to the ground as possible, so just waiting for my body to be low before pushing off the next step, which the lower leg recovery has helped.

When I use a low recovery I tend to spin my wheels.

Really? I adopted the low rec to stop me from spinning my wheels. Ah well, some cues work different for certain people I guess. But you’re looking good. When is the next time you can time a standing 30m with some timing gates?

Have to talk to coach about the timing gates, but I have plans to get some times starting in spp.

Sweet, what have you clocked in the past? You must be getting down to the 3.8 range soon? or will be this season.

Not gonna list, all HT’s. I may try the low recovery again.

cool, might be worth another try. Although the stumble factor is greatly increased with this type of start. I think your SL can be improved a bit during your first 10m without sacrificing too much SR.

Today training session:
Week 6:
Mon: 510
Warmup C
2x20 push
2x30 high
3x20 efe 3min rest
3x20 fef 3min rest
1x50 3pt 25/25
Texas 2x30 (skip/bound series)
400 walk/jog
Ab circuit 1x20sec