Plyometrics Frequency

Dependent on intensity?
Dependent on weight training schedule?

or is Mon-Wed-Fri ok (Monday light-Wed Medium-Friday Light)

Monday Light/Thursday SUper INtense?:confused:

Why one day as a killer?

? I have a high pain tolerance but ive overtrained too many times…
Should i “kill it” 2 days and go easy on the middle day

Why kill it ever?? What does a high pain tolerance have to do with performance?

I mean maximum intensity, lactate threshold max.

Lactic threshold max with plyos? Now you’ve lost me totally.

We had a TV crew at practice one day when there was massive rain. I told them we usually don’t practice when the weather is that terrible because we almost never get anything useful done.

The cameraman said “Yeah, but it makes you tough.”

I said “Yeah, but we’re not trying to be tough. We are just trying to be fast, which is hard enough.”

He said “Oh.”

Love it. Great story!

Practicing when you’re tired makes about as much sense as trying to learn how to play chess when you’re drunk.