Plyometrics doing track season

IS doing Plyometrics doing track make me slower doing meets?

I plan to do them 2 times aweek

doing plyometrics doing track doing meets:
stay with very, very, very low volume if you want to do them. or just take them away from your program during the season, thats probably the best.

I have heard someone on the forum mention that they found plyos very good at helping them maintain strength throughout the season while they cut weightroom out.

Like VG said, keep the volumes very low (~100 foot contacts) and make sure you have enough recovery time before meets. Plyos don’t tend to feel very strenuous because your muscles don’t get very fatigued, but the CNS takes a beating and you need at least 48 hours to recover.


how often should i be doing plyometrics?

in precomp you may be able to get up to twice a week… competition phase i would def. not exceed one a week. and prob so them early in the week. or possibly mid week in extremely low volumes just to get you CNS fired up for the meet.