Plyo volume

Charlie, since on Wednesdays you don’t (on the template) program in ex. mb throws do you advocate a higher volume of plyos on those days or just spread the plyo volume out evenly during the week?

Charlie, just wondering about the plyo volumes?

Checking again.

Is it spread out evenly? OR is it more on M/F or W?

you can bump the numbers a bit when the MB numbers are down- but just not alot because the overall demands are not totally interchangeable

Since the demands are not equal, on average would you say you would use a higher volume of plyo FC than you would for MB FC within the same workout?

As far as CNS stress goes, the plyos are higher per FC but some MB exercises are more whole body and have a higher overall muscular effect. You need to monitor your individual athletes to decide on appropriate volumes but I would suggest that the plyos are more likely to disrupt adaptation if they are varied beyond a narrow range between sessions.