Plyo program for vj?

I can full squat like 1.6x my bodyweight but my vj is only like 26 in. Can somebody tell me what type of plyo program would be good for me. Also my squat is rising pretty quickly.

You are lacking RFD. Plyos, OL’s, and DE squats are excellent for developing this quality.

As far as plyos go, two of my athletes have experienced good results by employing a wave similar to that outlined in CT’s newest book, along with the cocurrent utilization fo ME, DE, and rep method work.

CT advocates Cycling lower intensity (box jumps) with higher intensity (depth jumps/altitude landings)

CT advocates alternating blocks of about 4 weeks each in duration. I was on short order preparing my guys for a combine and chose to have them perform box jumps twice per week for about two weeks followed by atlitude landings performed twice per week for about two weeks, no jump training the week prior to the combine, and they both jumped their best to date.

I had them perform roughly 3 sets of 8 jumps/landings per workout. They performed their jumps/landings on their ME and DE squat/dl days.

The surface used for jumps was just above waist level/mid abdomen for each guy, surface used for landings was a rev-hyperextension that I had them stand on top of and step off.


Do a search for some of the threads on jump squats. They have been effective for novice and experienced athletes. I recall reading that Andy Bloom and Jud Logan both used them and had good results with them.