please help me

ok i know i ask alot of questions, sorry but guys i need some serious help…i always seem to worry soooo darn much after i do squats. like wyesterday i had two spotters and they said i was doing it right with my back straight and all and i went all the way down to parallel or even past it. and the bar wasnt crooked anymore and i felt same pressure in both legs. but i still manage to start to worry!!! i cant help it man my stress level goes up and stuff. but even though my friends said it was good i still worry i hate it.

ps- i felt it more in my quads, not as much in my hams after each set…

Your back was or wasn’t straight?

What exactly is your form, and what exactly did they say you were doing wrong?

Try to be more clear with your descriptions.

stop worrying and just train.

i was just playin ball and i was a bit sore from yesterdays workout and i can grab the rim and pull it down now, wow. i guess i was doin it right cuz i probably gained an inch or somethin

if thats the case then im doin it right, right? i also had 2 spotters there and they said it was good but i dunno i just worry alott…

and is it normal if u feel more in ur quads than ur hams

Dude, just workout…quit worrying about everything. Everybody starts somewhere, your not going to be perfect at every lift the first time you try it. If your two spotters say your doing it right, then they obviously would know better then we would through the internet.

ya but its not my first time ever doin squats…i know the form its just some days i do it good and some days its a bit off…

Kobeflight, here is something that might help you gain perspective. This is from the Chuck V. interview on EliteFTS.
EFS: What are your tips for mastering technique?
Chuck V.: I think people believe they will be perfect after one year. Me and Louie, we’ve been lifting for so long, and we’re still working on mastering technique. It takes alot of time. Probably more than people are willing to invest. The number one thing that people don’t seem to do is keep their head up and their knees always come in. These things will kill your bar path when you get to heavier weights; this will screw your lift.

Now, I’m not implying to spend all your time working on squat technique(you have to practice and perfect you B-ball skills as well), but that it takes time and that it is a constant process. Everybody has off days and good days in terms of technique. Just be patient, focus on it, but more importantly to stop thinking so much. Be mindful of your form, but at some point you just have to let go and just do it! Also, imagine youself squatting with perfect form, what it looks and feels like in your mind. Do this with your basketball skills as well. It has helped me. Sorry for the long post, just trying to help.

thank u very much