please critique my TRIPLE periodization plan...

i am a d3 college athlete… 5’7 155 pounds…
PR’S ALL TIMES ARE F.A.T. 55(6.63) 200 indoor (22.54)
100 (10.99) 200 (22.04) 400 (49.98) LJ 22-1

THE training elements importance ranking i think is what i am having most trouble with… please give me some insight on what should be added changed etc.

thank you:help:


Looks good. I am still new to this and I really want to understand.
Can you please give me a summary of what actual training you do (based on your program) on week1, week10 and week20. I want to see how the actual workouts differ.

BTW: we have the same FAT 100m PB…cool

good question… after tlaking with my coach today he said to add coordination though we didnt really go over it…
i am thinking coordination who be overall technique in form especially when doing drills… and coordination could also be during olympic lifts… the powerclean and snatch i belive work on coordination…

Yeah, I see what you are talking about. BTW, in your plan, you have “Biomotor elements - coordination” and it is set level 4 throughout. What exactly is this and how are you training it?


What event(s) are you training for? You list times/distances for every sprint and the LJ. Which event is the one you would like to focus on?

Also, why do you drop the volume of your tempo during the competition period? My understanding is that it should stay relatively constant throughout the year.


i compete in all those events… however its mainly the 55 200 indoors and 100 200 outdoors.
as far as dropping my volume of tempo it slightly drops once my general fitness is in place… as depicted on the graph it may seems it acutally drops more than it acutally does because i couldnt put 2 points in the same box on the spreadsheet.

Oh, and another thing, it looks like your are maxing out the volume of your speedwork during your indoor season. I would think that you would want to keep the volumes low during the competitive phase so you are ready to run fast in the competitions.

Your volumes should be higher while training (precomp) then reduced in the competitive period to allow super compensation and better performances. For a really important competition, you may even want to work off of a 5 - 10 day taper.


Wow, that’s quite a range. Do yo run all of those events at each meet (!) or are you going to try to cycle through them in some manner?

I would imagine that if you run them all at each meet that the CNS load is quite heavy (thus calling for even more focus on regeneration and perhaps indicating lower volumes of speed work in the competitive period.)


i am using the indoor season basically as preparation for outdoor… if you then take a look at the outdoor competion volumes of speedwork they are significantly lower than the volumes of speedwork in the indoor competitve phase…


Originally posted by akm100m
BTW: we have the same FAT 100m PB…cool

What about the 200 and the 400??:wink:

xlr8, your absolutly right.
we all have a general plan of the workouts in our min but do not implement them until we are ready to do the workouts week by week. distances for speed starting at 30 meters and going up etc. are the basic starting points.


I’m guessing that quik doesn’t have those specific workouts planned yet and probably won’t until the week before he does them. At least, that is how it works for me. The overall training plan is the roadmap, but you need to have the flexibility to adjust the specifics based on your inidividual progress and the realities of life interferring with the plan.


I’m going to hijack this thread for a second since QUIKAZHELL has posted another thread about his training. QUIKAZHELL’s PB in 55 is 6.63 and in 100 it is 10.99 FAT. I think I can run around a 7 flat 55 electronically timed, so (especially taking into account the fact that I’m 5’11" and he’s only 5’7") I should be able to run around mid to high 11s once I get my speed endurance up to a very good level, right? This was about what I was figuring from other threads, too. Does this make sense?


Prob mid elevens with good fitness.

Thanks a lot Charlie!