Please Critique my GPP Program

This is my general preparation phase, I am new at this, so some help at this would be GREATLY appreciated. I am not going to post all 6 weeks of the phase so I am only going tp put up the 1st week.


  1. warm up
  2. sprint drills
    4.2x40 yds
  3. weights
    bench press-3x10-60%
    incline press-3x10-60%
    power cleans-3x8-60%
    seated rows-3x10-medium weight

Tempo Day
5 reps stadium steps

Wednesday(Speed Endurance)
power cleans-3x8-60%
Seated Rows-3x10-medium weight
Rev. Leg Press-3x10-medium weight

5 reps stadium steps

weights(same as monday)

5 reps stadium steps

Let me tell you what I see.

Cleans three days during the week is a bit much. You might want to try clean & jerk, snatch, jerk, etc. instead of doing the same exercise three times. Also, OL should never go over 5 reps unless you are learning progressions for proper form, where 8 reps is about the max.

I don’t know what event you are training for, but stadiums three times is also repetitive. If you are training for the 100/200, you could try something like:

3x5x100 w/ walk back & 2 min rest on Tuesday and on Saturday:

3x4x150 w/ 50m walk rest & 2 min btw sets

Those are at 70-75% pace. I find that doing this kind of work between CNS days really helps keep me fresh. The volume doesn’t necessarily have to go out of the roof, though it can get high.

You might also want to do is to incorporate general strength into your training on the tempo days…at least Tues./Thurs. Body weight exercises and bodybuilder exercise circuits help hit the muscles not hit by the big lifts.

Another thing is to not bench three times a week. It is just repetitious and un-necessary considering bench press isn’t that big of a deal. It isn’t the best exercise at developing upper body strength. Incline bench will help you develop a chest if that is what you are looking for but also try things like Military Press, Upright Rows, Jerks again as other forms of pressing movements to help your upper body.

Just my 2 cents.

always do your core lifts (power cleans) first

what are circuits? what do you mean by body builder exercises?

Quick, i usuallu don’t post the order of my lifts on here, i just post them at random. I do do powr cleans first though.


Circuits are when you peform a group of exercises one after the other.


20 push ups then 20 squats then so on and so forth.

You can really use any exercise in a circuit you wish. Mostly you perform bodybuilding type or bodyweight work as a circuit.