please critique my double peak yearly program

This is my draft plan for the upcoming season.

Maximum 3 CNS intesive workouts per week.
3 weeks hard and 1 week easy.
Plyos are used more in the second half of the year as I have never done them before and want introduce slowly.
Strength workouts: Squat or deadlift, Shoulder work
Power workouts: Powercleans, Hanging snatch
Extra power work like 3x4 reps powercleans or 3x4 reps hanging snatch is performed after the track sessions where possible.

Ab/Core strength work is done all year round.
Non CNS intensive weights are done for maintenance and injury prevention.

The speed endurance, acceleration and max velocity sessions are the focus of the session.
Of course an acceration session can be finished off with 1 or 2 speed endurance runs,or max velocity sessions can include some acceleration work or max velocity work. The chart just shows the focus of the session.

I am not an elite athlete, I am a 10.9 runner still building a power/speed base.

Appreciate any opinions, this is still a draft that I am trying to fine tune. Thanks.

There are things that are not listed on the yearly plan because they are expected. These include tempo work in between CNS intensive workouts, core strength work as often as possible, high detail to technique in the gym and on the track and having a good diet

I want to make sure that I get the best out of the off season and that I am in good shape for the competition season.

I really don’t think that it is possible to plan in detail the entire season because you have to listen to your body. Sometimes you feel great and sometimes you feel flat and these are the times when you have to be smart.

Basically, I am just trying to find out some basics like, when it is best to use speed endurance, when to stop lifting heavy, when to use plyometrics and things like that.

I thought that if I have a good guide for the year then I can adjust it as I go to get the best out of it.

As for goals I want to get a 2% improvement in the 100m and a 3% improvement in the 200m.

Are you completing any tempo work? If not why?

Why are there two GPP? Would it be more of a benefit to have two GPP for an athlete of your caliber? I’m not sure I understand the intensity graph either, does each line represent 20%?

what are your goals as far as times?

thas lookin real good man. alot better than before. may i sugest to change the months? for example you will not be competing in sept october. also you competion phases will have to be longer. nobodys season is 4 weeks long. am i right? hope this helps a little…

also a macrocycle is a yearly plan and a microcycle is typically a training week. so you may want to change your “miccrocycle” as you called it to be called “mesocycle”. and im not sure what to change you "macrocycle to> it may not even be needed.
also something that wpuld be real good to do (which i am, doing with my plan) is add another column with the axis labeled “volume and intensity” and you can use dots (line graph to represent how the volume and intensity changes as the season goes on. use one color to represnt volume and one color to represnt intensity.

I will be competing throughout the year and probably every 2nd week during the pre season periods, but I consider those races to be training runs or race practice.
During the 4 week competition period is where I will be aiming for PB’s and taking the races seriously.
Of course the months can be changed depending on where you are and what competitions you are aiming for, for me they are just right.
I’d like to see your graph with volume and intensity added, I couldn’t work that out.

Agreee with quik. Probably the single most important training parameter in your whole plan is intensity. If you are good at monitoring and manipulating intensity, you will be successful. If not, then you will either not progress or get injured.

During training, you got it right “3 weeks hard and 1 week easy” however, once you move into competition, you need to go to maintenance levels of volume to give yourself a chance to peak. It may also be useful to specify discrete 7 week segments in your plan as max-strength blocks. If you attempt to stay on max strength training much longer than the 7 week block, you will generally find that you hit a plateau.

Other than that, I would also be interested in seeing the dates of your major competitions specified in your plan so you can figure out how you will taper for those.

Good luck!


I have added intensity to the yearly program.
Please tell me your thoughts on what you think the intensity levels should be throughout the season and especially leading up to the competition phase.

You don’t train at Rotary by any chance, akm??

Originally posted by Neospeed
You don’t train at Rotary by any chance, akm??

Yeah, I do

akm100 i am working on my plan as we speak i am almost done. i am doin mine on microsoft works i like how u did the graph what program did u use…
anyway… it seems liek judging from your graph you intensitys decrese too much in the competion phase… as the intensity of speed may slightly decrease it seems like u decreased it alot but its hard to judge fromn the graph… also i think strength should be maintained with the same intensity year round exept on unloading weeks and during approx 7-10 days before you want to peak