Plantar Fasciitis & Sprinting

I have extreme plantar fasciitis in both feet, and I’m being treated at a sports injury clinic in Toronto. Have there been any high-level sprinters who’ve tussled with, and overcome this condition? If so, who… and how… and over how long a period did it take to get a handle on it? Thanks kindly!

I’m dealing w/ this injury right now. I’d to canceled my season. I’d 4 meets left. I can’t sprint at all.

This is the worst injury I have ever had.

Rest, ice, ant-inflammatory med- roll your feet over a pipe stretch the area daily.

I have been dealing w/ this injury for 5 months, it is at it’s WORST NOW. Going to doctor on Monday at 8am.

Make sure you stretch your feet right after waking in the mornings.

Hope this helps.

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I think I have scar tissue build up in my plantar fasciitis. It gets so stiff before messages or powerful movements.

It’s VERY painful at first.

I can’t wait to see the doctor MONDAY SHIT !!!

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Thanks very kindly for the concise outline of approach. That’ll help greatly. I’ve actually had it brewing for years (on a low simmer), and then it went away for a few years. But now, it’s back big-time!

Well, I told you guys that I would post here to let you know how my visit with.

Well, when I saw the specialist he confirmed that I’d plantar fasciitis at a WORST degree, He messaged the area VERY DEEPLY I was in so much pain my whole body started to sweat. I must admit it does feel better, but I’m unable to train still.

I have another appointment set for Thursday. Hopefully things get better.

I can also tell that my foot flexion is a lot better.

So get someone to message the area very DEEP the whole foot.

Hope this helps.

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Do we have anybody else out there who have seen a specialist for their plantar fasciitis? If so what did they do for your injury?

Looking forward to your replies.

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hey guys,

i’ve had it recently and went to a specialist. I don’t think I had it as bad as you guys because it has healed pretty well, although I still like to massage it occasionally. (You know that lovely popping sensation as you run your fingers over it!!):o

Anyway, orthotics (because I have flat feet) in my training flats have helped a lot.

the other thing I have been doing is most of my tempo work on grass in bare feet. This has really proved helpful I think. I also had shin splints but since I’ve been running more barefoot it really seems to have improved.:smiley:

I also use the DARD (Dynamix Axial Resistance Device) as well as Orthotics and it is coming along nicely. I injured mine in soccer last summer and has been brutal ever since.

Direct massage also helps me as well. I wear my orthotics ALL THE TIME. If you have hardwood floors etc it is murder on your feet.


There’s a relatively new treatment that has been getting good reviews. It involves shooting ultrasound pulses directly onto the point of discomfort: — Anyone ever had this done?

For those who live in Ontario, Canada, I believe that this is the organization that dispenses this form of therapy:

Submitted for your mulling and general consideration/discussion - Shockwave Therapy info - (especially of interest to folks who live in Toronto, or are willing to come here for treatment):

(You know that lovely popping sensation as you run your fingers over it!!)

If you search around your entire foot, achilles tendon, and up your calf you will usually find there are adhesions in other places that are directing stress to the fascia. Other areas of the foot aren’t absorbing stress properly. Start off anywhere on your foot and dig in as hard as you can and then move your foot so the fibers slide across your fingers. Do this all over the foot and you should feel stuff breaking up. It feels and sounds similar to that popping sensation you described. I worked on mine a minimum of 30 minutes every other day and by the time I was finished my hands would be cramped for hours. You should notice immediate improvements. An ART guy would be nice too.

Some type of orthotic is also a must. Custom made versions are expensive but even those $5 blue heel supports from wal-mart work better then nothing.

Also what Paul Check has to say about diet regarding grains, wheat and inflammation is of some value here. I still don’t think it’s gonna cause any ACL tears but low grade inflammation due to food intolerances can surely annoy soft tissue injuries. Get rid of the wheat and dairy products and see if you notice a difference after a week. Systemic enzymes like wobenzyme can also be helpful.

I have it pretty bad in my left foot. I got a cortisone shot and it was good for about a week. Then the pain started up again. Not as bad but tolerable. I think the stretching constantly through out the day helps. I think the orthotics will make all the difference though. I think the pain came back from wearing very unsupportive shoes and sprinting too much in spikes. The podiatrist told me to try the orthotics if it does not work he said we could try a shock treatment.

Shock wave therapy is a modality that is used by some professional athletes for insertional plantar fasciitis. I see it as a last ditch effort when orthotics, cortisone, supportive shoegear, and deep tissue massage are ineffective. I have personally used different versions of the lipotrispy machine in the U.S and Canada. Some are more painful than others! :eek:

This is a situation where a balancing board might actually be quite useful, just don’t try to do something silly with it (like squatting ). It stretches the area in many directions at the same time you work with it. Accompanied with rolling you foot on a pipe and bottle, like someone here advised, it’s a pretty decent therapy. Finnish off with rolling your foot on a ice pipe (put your shaker filled with water in the freezer and take the ice “pipe” out). I had a mild form of the problem and managed to get rid of it pretty quickly. I didn’t do any other training thou, so avoid running or jumping … at least control volume.