Planning tempo sessions (CFTS p.43)

Charlie writes example workout:

Tuesday: Warmup. Use training flats for tempo work: (+ symbol represents a 50 metre walk for recovery between repetitions)

1st set 100+100+100 (metres)
2nd set 100+200+100+100 (metres)
3drd set 100+100+200+200 (metres)
4th set 100+200+100+100 (metres)
5th set 100+100+100 (metres)
relaxed runs
(walk 100m between sets)

Q: Why in such and order? I understand the gradual rise of tempo throught the workout to reach the highest amount around the middle of the workout (3rd set) and then down to a low amount by the fifth set. But why I dont understand the reasons for this could you explain further.

i don’t think the order is impt at all. it’s about “fast” relaxed running and/or promoting recovery. So you could easily change the order or distances. it depends on what you want to achieve. to me the impt things are that i want to maintain posture, see symmetry during the run, and see some bounce in the run.