Planning SPP2 and 3

We can see specific plans for SPP1 speed work in the Vancouver download. But planning SPP2 and 3 isn’t as clear cut.

My main question regards the S-L SPP2. Does the percentage volume between speed and SE develop in the same way as SPP1 - i.e. SE>Speed? and are the intensity limits used in the same manner as SPP1? i.e 20+ week 1 up to 60+ week 8?

Any other discussion regarding SPP2 + 3 planning would be helpful also.

Charlie answers a lot of questions in

Yep, I already own this and have watched it several times.

The weights 1 + 2 lectures also hold clues.

I feel this discussion is still warranted as I’m having trouble planning SPP2 speed and SE, despite owning most of Charlie’s publications.

My main concern is whether the intensity limits and Speed/SE percentages follow a similar structure to SPP1, i.e. SE1 > SPEED. OR whether MaxV is addressed INITIALLY in SPP2 and progresses into SE2.

In any case I’ll try and post up a modified CF S-L graph for your critique (as long as I’m not breaking any copy right rules)


This is one of my great curiosities as well. I have everything from and still am a bit clueless about SPP2 and SPP3. I’m looking forward to more discussion on this topic!

You may find some answers in this old thread:

I think the key message that Charlie tried to bring across in the SPP video is that it all depends on where you are at the beginning of the SPP, end of the indoor season. Is top speed in place or not?

Thanks for digging that up!

My top speed is not in place, I came back in November after 4 months out injured, and I’m a tenth down over 60m compared to last year.

With this in mind, it seems my SPP2 needs to be closer to an SPP1 set-up than it would be if top speed was already in place. And SPP3 is where I’ll drop the intensity limits and run more full recovery SE2?

I thought I remember seeing SPP2 being something like

week 1 3x60
week 2, 70, 60, 60
week 3 70, 70, 60

etc working towards the end o the phase, leading to work around 120m-150m in spp3??

It largly depends on what you achieved after spp1. It’s where science meets Art.

Charlie also mentions that if you havent hit your target in SPP1, you need to lengthen SPP2 to get there. I’m guessing that would require using int. limits and speed change drills early on.

If you’re using int. limits that would mean you’re exposing yourself even less to top speed work which should be your no. 1 priority.
A normal SPP2 with top speed in place at the start would be just lengthening the distance week by week from 60 to 120/150 while keeping the speed more or less the same.
It would require an improbable lengthy SPP2 to go through the cycle 1) 60s with int. limits 2) 60s without intensity limits 3) continue like normal SPP2 to 120/150.

Another way of looking at it is that you have been doing lots of 30s and 60s with int. limits already in SPP1 and during the indoor season, so giving the body the same stimulus is probably not going to yield anything different.

So I probably wouldn’t employ int. limits. Speed change drills might very well work though.

Well the intensity limits are included to avoid a speed plateau? So to develop top speed fully, would you not need to employ intensity limits at first to avoid any plateau?

As it stands, I’m out to 30m+ with 10 weeks SPP remaining. I’ll be out near top speed in two weeks (40m+).

I’ll post a rough speed plan taking into consideration your comments.



Take the vancouver s-l and map out the weekly intensity limits over the 12 weeks shown.

week 1 20,30,20
week 2 30,40,30
week 3 30,40,30
week 4 30,40,30
week 5 40,50,40
week 6 40,60,40
week 7 50,60,50
week 8 50,40,50
week 9 50,50,50
week 10 60,60,60
week 11 60,60,60
week 12 50,50,50

If you have been following this intensity progression, you spend really weeks 10-11 at 60m.

If your plan gets you to 60m with sooner, there may be planning and progression issues to look into.

Im a 10.7 second sprinter, not 9.7, so I will infact be hitting my top speed by week 5 (50m+), this should leave me enough time to progress out to 120m in the remaining 7 weeks of SPP2.

Without int. limits, how did Charlie control intensity during SPP2/3? I’m talking about intensification during the 3-1-3, this would surely be difficult without int. limits?

Referring to the Edmonton download and specifically the annual plan, the ‘Training Goal’ of SPPII is the ‘top speed maximised’, with 30-120 as the ‘speed emphasis’.

This indicates that top speed isn’t fully in place by the end of SPP1, and is emphasised at least at the start of SPPII.