planning out the year

can someone help with advice on planning out a year of training. i dont need help with reps sets volumes ect, just help with when to do gpp, spp ect ect

my season will finish mid april.

so first how long do people take off at the end of the season?

so lets just say i start back may.
how does this look?

feb-comp, taper

-now if that looks ok, where would resisted runs(sled or isorobic) be put in.

-if im training outdoors would a short-long or long to short in spp1 be better, i will be concentrating on running a super fast 100 and dont really mind how i go inthe 200m and will not race many anyways.

-is spp2 based on the template on the forum review

-is the comp phase similar to the template on the forum review or is there is big difference

-and what would happen if i dont have a comp in august

i think thats about it for now:)

thanks to anyone that can give some advice

can anyone help??


your breakdown looks ok but really no need to put a GPP in after the 1st competition. if anything just have an initial longer GPP. Hit your SPP1, compete, recovery and transition, SPP2, compete, recovery and transition.

if you don’t compete in August then if need to make the GPP longer and then into the SPP’s. Just so you have somewhat of a peak (not a true peak) but some type of peak, plan on mimicking a competition with timing on a certain day or something like that.

Then roll into your SPP2 and finally competition.

When to use the resisted runs…during the GPP and initial stages of SPP1.

A short to long will be better from the information you have given.

Not sure about the questions referring to the forum review because I have not seen it.

Hope this helps.

thanks for that

you are welcome.

hi guys,
i still have some un answered questions from the first post!! if any one could help???

also does anyone know or if CF can tell me.

was the short-long always used for indoors and long-short alsways used for outdoors???

would someone be able to help me out with what templates to base my training program on in my year plan.

for eg would the first spp be based on the templates from the vancovour graphs?
and would spp2 be based on the template on the forum review?

It is interesting how your season and mine is similar, yet fundamentally different.

Mine will be:
dec-spp 2
jan-spp 2

My layout basically will be the same, only the dates differ.

yeh it is interesting.
our season runs from oct-feb, so with the layout above i was thinking of doing a double periodization with the comp in august. but i may do a triple now as the summer season is so long.
in regards to the gpp my plane was not to go to far into the gpp phase as quoated by many on here ‘why try and re-invent the wheel each year’ meaning i want to keep progressing from the previous years training.

do other agree??? also what would your plan be for an australian season if you wanted to either do a double or triple periodization.

In canada during the winter I don’t think you have much choice but to run indoors and since this ties in with thier SPP1 I would say short to long works well.

In Austrailia I believe the year is the otherway around with SPP1 in summer and SPP2 going into winter? :rolleyes:

If this is the case, while it is probably a good idea to do Short to Long anyway, perhaps it might make sense to do more longer special endurance during SPP1 or at least from half way through SPP1 to half way through SPP2 (where the weather is nice enough to makes it possible). I really don’t know what I am talking about with respect to the weather but I’m sure some Ozzys on here can let me know.

It makes me wonder whether you could do a strange thing like ramp up ramp down in distance e.g. distances move short to long to short again before main season peak (european summer major champs). Comments?

I was talking to one of Oz’s main sprint coaches recently and he said that the weather and the periodisation of the year caused real headaches for Austrailians who need to qualify in summer (march) for major world level champs held in July-Sep by which time they were “out of shape” and found it hard to peak.

As for GPP after 1st comp I would keep it there but make it only small (2 weeks?) to allow the body to recover a bit - remember to take a week or so off with active recovery after the main competition season.


I would choose the approach that best suits overall needs and I would stick with it throughout.

How would you move from one to the other?

would something like what was posted from FLOATS about doing 90’s instead 60’s be better suited for aussies who have to train outdoors all year round, as there are no indoor tracks.

could tc or any others give me what they thing would be a good layout, taking note that the season is usually OCT-FEB and then considering that i may go up north to run race’s in July-August as the weather is still hot there in winter.
if you think my layout would work well, then could we try and discuss how to plan my training mainly distance’s.

also i jsut wont to double check that SPP2 is based on the weekly training plan on the forum review???

thanks again for all the help


the comp in august! is that the aust uni games?
if so i would be using a double periodised year and keep the gpp2 after this meet…

what are the number of weeks you plan for each phase of the season…

also are you likely to be in running for world uni games next year??

hi nanny,
i was thinkng of going to QLD in august to run in there winter series, unfortunatly for me i was very keen to get my diploma so ive finished my studies now, so im not eligible for uni games.

my plan so far was to go something like this.
may GPP -4weeks
june and july SPP1 (short-long, using the vancovour template) 8Weeks
august comp-4weeks
september GPP2 2-4weeks
oct+nov 8weeks-spp2(using the forum review template)
dec,jan -comp
feb comp/taper

if they need adjusting please tell me!!!

if phase 1 empahzises 0-60m and i could use the vancouver graph of Short-long for that

and phase 3 the emphasis is on 60-200m and i can use the weekly templates on forum review for that.

what would a sample week look like in phase 2 where the emphasis is on 30-120m

any help???

bud will post to you what my aussie based athletes will be doing… some on a april 17 start other may 8th… should be very similar…

what are the days you trained in the past season…


hey nanny.
well if im not competing my week would look like
sat-rest or tempo

my last race is 17 april

u also do pro running events do you???

ever tried a weekly set up starting monday of
2 days on, 1 off, 3 on, 1 off…

with combined speed/gym on 2 of the speed days…

will give you your 3 speed sessions, 2 tempo, 2 gym sessions per week… but with increased rest…

this is the first time ive done pro’s.

i always do weights after speed.
i have with a previous coach go wed-off and sun-off but didnt like it.
my week looks different if i race, and sometimes i only do 2 speed/weight sessions