planning after a long flight

hi everyone,
i just travelled 22hours accross the world, and would like some opinions on how some of you plan after a long trip.

i will be racing in 2 day. and its extremly hot.


  1. i usually would train at 10am, bu people over here only train at 5-6pm, if i trained at that time i would only finish up at 11pm, so should i just stck with my normal training time?

  2. i arrived 5 hours ago, should i do any type of training today?
    -tomorrow is the day before i race, should i do a tempo session or just rest?


Should really arrive a few days earlier- just do a warm-up today and a longer warm-up with some light tempo the next day. The day of the meet, get up at least 5 hrs before the first race and do an easy warm-up (preferably at the hotel to save travel) to make the warm-up for the event easier. Good luck.

Why is this, Charlie? Is it a case of “waking up” your system under the circumstances?

thanks charlie,
i actually did a warm up last night with some short tempo’s 2x(4X50) that was at about 7pm.

today ill go do tempo with maybe 2X(4X100m) at 11am

the race tomorrow will just be a relay and it will be late at night maybe 9pm, so should i still do a warm up in the hotel about 5 hours before i leave for the track.

Yes- and under MOST circumstances. If you are running only one race, I highly recommend this approach. I used to do this when I competed

i think i will try and get out of the relay tomorrow and wait to race on the 16th, my legs felt better than yesterday but i still felt very heavy on my legs. i hope i can get out of the relay!!!will have to wait and see!!