perplexed on plyos

i do plyos twice a week and am in my accel phase of my training doing 3-1-3 week cycle, but the amount of hops i do maybe to much in one seesion plyo exercises i do are like…

low box marches - 2x15 hops (i lost count abit on this one)

vertical depth jumps - 10 hops

stair jumps - 5 jumps from box high box marches -

2x20 hops one-legged jumps onto box - did only 3 on each leg

on a different day i would also incorporate

15 lateral hops and 2x10 one-legged jump on each leg starting at 12’ then going 17’ and using the box at 20’ or abit more dont know.

How many hops do i do a session after a speed workout?

What plyo exercises is best for sprinters?

how much rest is needed and what rep set range is appropriate for this type of exercise?

It’s all based on what you have left after the sprinting. If you have more then do more, if you are tired then do less or chop them. As for exercises they should probably be scheduled in with the type of wor you are doing. It’s written about in the Forum Review’02 with a graph.

As for rest. You should probably have 10s between reps and 1-3min between sets if you are training for type IIX.