Peripheral Vision during the first 30m

I notice during my last 3 races for some reason I looking from my peripheral vision at the athletes that are around me for the first 20-30 meters.

I notice if I’m trailing I have the tendency to press because I feel the pressure of fallen back, that’s what the vision is telling my mind. My close (70-100m) is good, but for some reason by looking around is causing me to press and lose focus.

Anyone here w/ the same problem currently/past?

I feel like running w/ my eyes closed for the first 30 m, but I’ll probably end up in the grass outside of lane one or in two/three lanes outside of my own running drunk hahahahah

How can one fix this vision fault? I need blinders like horses have lol.

Kenny Mac~

Thanks guys!

If you are checking your position in the first 30m, it’s likely you’ll pop up in an attempt to make gains. This will disrupt your smooth transition into the full upright position and result in a slower final time. Even ewhen an athlete tries to concentrate on himself, superior athletes will run into his field of vision by getting far in front. This is one of the reasons why athletes on the lower end of the performance spectrum so seldom have a PB when running in big meets and why it’s important to select meets that will generate the level of competition that the athlete is ready for.

i imagine mo greene keeps his head down for the reason of not being able to see anyone and being able to run his own race.