Periodization Problem

alright…I got hypertrophy lasting 6 weeks, the same time span my GPP Phase last.

Now my GPP Phase qill begin when I get back from vacation and will end at the end of august. I plan on starting the Specific PP phase at the beginning of september.

the Specific PP will alst 3 months and then the pre-comp will last another 3 months, which will then be March and march will begin my Competition phase since my first High School track meet will be at the end of march.

now I was thinking. Maybe I could have my maximum strength phase last 2 months, then my converison to power phase last 2 months, then my muscular endurnace phase last a final 2 months which will elad me to the competition phase of lifting in march. Are the 2 month lifting phases and the 3 month sprint training phases too long?

you might want to try a different periodization scheme then western periodization. Look around the site.