Periodization of plyometrics

How should a athlete of my level and age (15 years old, 11 second 100m runner) periodize plyometrics into their yearly program.
So GPP which just ended for me, indoor season, outdoor season.

What volumes and what/how many days per week to be doing them.
Also looking at intensity level as well.

Check out cfts graphs they have phase 1-2-3 plyos.

Their suitability and periodisation depend -among other factors- on the plan you are following (i.e., S-to-L or L-to-S).

Could you describe more what type of progression you are talking about. I don’t see how the progression could switch from easy to hard to hard to easy ???

I don’t think I mentioned such a progression for plyometrics. I was referring to the track plan.

Ok good, misunderstanding