periodization of ems

I have ordered my ems unit and it should be here thursday. I have been reviewing my copy of Training for Speed and was looking for a graph (figure 4-3 in chapter 4) and I am either not seeing it or it is not there. Does anyone have something visual that would show how the individual components of a training program fit together with ems? :help:

which ems unit did u order?

I ordered the one from vitality web that was th 400 I think. I chose it since I wanted to see if it was for me along with the portability to take to races since no massage is available to me there. I also got the adaptor cord for the outlet so I won’t have to get batteries if I don’t want.

In a 3-1-3 week max strength cycle, you use EMS on weeks 2, 3, 6 and 7.


Thank you for the picture! I’ll let you know how it goes. Amos

i have the same in CFTS.
i understand it this way:
1)You should use EMS in strength modus in this weeks.
2)In all other weeks, you can use EMS as Massage etc…

what about the exact time to use it:
3)2h after training in the evening ?
4)days: after speed+strength training ? --> 2-3 times per week ?!